Energy Efficient Ways to Keep Your House Warm






In winter we all try to keep the house warm and cozy. But how do we find the most efficient heating systems, without sacrificing the planet? You may underestimate the value of window coverings, such as blinds Brighton homeowners use to manage privacy but also light entering the home. 

Naturally, this winter we can save a lot of energy if we follow a few simple tips when heating our house.

Take advantage of daylight hours 

Some tricks to take more advantage of the natural heat is to leave the blinds up all day and only lower them when it begins to dusk. In this way, the house will save all the heat accumulated during the day.

Maintain a constant temperature 

Raising the temperature to the maximum to heat the house more quickly and then lowering it until the heat is gone increases the cost considerably. Keep in mind that the ideal temperature to heat the home constantly is between 19ºC and 21ºC and that an increase of 1ºC can mean up to a 7% increase in consumption. During the night, it is enough to have it between 15ºC and 17ºC.

Place a thermostat 

Place a programmable thermostat. This device will measure the room temperature and transmit the data to the furnace so that it stops for a while or starts again. In this way, the necessary temperature is established at all times.

Regulate the heating according to your schedule 

If you spend the day away from home, it is best to program it for an hour before returning. This way you will have the desired temperature the moment you enter the house. Also avoid acclimatizing the rooms you don’t use and keep their doors closed. In addition, you can keep something warm when you get home so the temperature does not have to be so high.

Do not cover radiators 

Many people have a habit of covering radiators with cloths or blankets. The problem is that, when you cover the radiators with wet clothes, the heating system needs to make a greater effort and, therefore, a greater energy consumption, to produce sufficient temperature. This is similar to having the windows open while we have the heating on. We can avoid double or triple energy expenditure simply by not carrying out this type of practice.

Choose the Right Size Furnace for Your Home 

In addition to these tricks you have to be clear about which furnace size is the best to heat your home. If your furnace can’t keep up with your heating needs it might be too small. In that case, you must consider choosing a smaller or bigger furnace based on your home’s demands. 

Taking into account these simple tricks; we will solve several issues. On the one hand, we will see how our bills will not give us any scare at the end of the month since, we will also be able to spend less money, that is, to be more economically efficient. In addition, we will be helping to save on natural resources (up to 20% savings) and therefore achieve a better world free of pollution and with greater sustainability.

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