Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring: Rules & Should You Wear Both

Have you ever proposed to anyone, or are you planning to propose your dream partner? Are you already engaged and looking forward to a wedding?

If yes, then big congratulations to the couple but we are here to solve the problem of confusion of rings that usually the bride and groom face. Do you know that there are two different rings of the wedding? Suppose you love your engagement ring too much. Do you want to match your ring with a stylish wedding band?

And if you want to wear both of them at the same time, then you need to follow some basic steps while selecting the rings. Continue reading Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring: Rules & Should You Wear Both or not.

What is the basic difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring?

Although both the rings play an essential role in the life of the couple, the engagement ring is the band that is gifted during the time of proposal. Whenever the couple mutually decides to spend their future, they gift each other the ring that showcases the commitment for each other.

Whereas a wedding ring is the ring which is exchanged officially in front of the family during the wedding ceremony.

What to do if you wish to wear both bands at the same time?

While thinking about the traditions, then the couple should wear both the rings on the left hand’s fourth finger.

It is also known as the ring finger. But nowadays, both rings are placed in the opposite fingers.

Sometimes wearing both of them together creates a few issues like not matching the outfits, unlike metal does not look good, or it looks too messy.

Therefore to solve this issue, there are dew steps that you keep in mind while selecting the wedding rings.

  • Selection of rings

Both men and women need to be very particular about selecting the ring. Try to choose the same metal such as gold, silver or platinum that gives contrast or a good look with the engagement ring.

You can look for diamond wedding bands for men hat can give an effective and simple look.

  • Selecting time of wedding ring

It is advised to buy the rings two months before the wedding. Also, to ensure the comfort zone as per the ring, try to wear an engagement ring or other rings for a few months.

This can help to choose what exactly you want and also it will help to acknowledge your actual taste in jewellery.

Although there are thousands of designs for the engagement and wedding ring that can symbolise your love and tradition, still choosing the thing that suits your personality is the best option.

Is it possible to wear both rings at the same time?

Yes, ofcourse, it is your choice to wear both of them. However, there is no such rule that comes from our tradition that states which ring to wear. Although the tradition only comes for the wedding ring that is selected by the family, yet no exact rules are formed that you need to follow.

But it is said from the old times that wearing the wedding ring on the ring finger always enhances the bond between the couple. So you can try the other ring on the opposite side.

Is it compulsory to have both an engagement and a wedding ring?

No, it is not. Sometimes when the marriage is arranged, there is no option of proposing to each other. In this situation, there is only one official band which the couple usually exchange in the ceremony.

Many people plan for a wedding with casual talk, which also results in only one ring. Therefore there are several reasons for selecting one ring. Let us check those essential reasons. Wearing two rings may make you uncomfortable sometimes.

There is always a 1% chance of losing the jewellery. So losing both rings at the same time could be more problematic.

You can select the wedding ring that makes the perfect pair with an engagement ring, and you can wear both simultaneously. If you haven’t purchased both the rings together, try to match the size and design of diamonds in such a way that it looks like the perfectly combined design.

The best option to get the perfect designs is checking on the internet and sharing the pictures with the jeweller to avoid other confusion.

Gents Vs ladies

While deciding the Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring, the primary factor is gender. The engagement ring is simple and the wedding ring consists of too many designs and diamonds.

Men love to wear more simple things that do not look feminist. So usually they look for simple gold or platinum bands with the small symbol as an engagement ring while wearing it on a daily basis.

On the other hand, women love to have diamonds or cut the stones in the shape of the name initials that may look different and show the outstanding bond between the couple.

Selecting the wedding jewelry in the proper manner should be the top priority of the couple. As it is always expensive, that is bought once in the lifetime. So you should select something that can purely suit your face and taste.

You can research adequately and take help from the recently married couple to avoid silly mistakes that can ruin your future look on the special day.


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