Enhancing the efficiency of workspaces

Every day companies waste tens of thousands of dollars on meeting and conference rooms they don’t use. When meetings are canceled, teams often forget to cancel the room reservation. Because the system still shows booked rooms, tumbleweeds roll through empty rooms while other teams are unable to find a working area.

Booking software from Room scheduling software provides a smart way to recover rooms if they are lost.

  • Increasing workspace utilization dramatically
  • Utilise premium meeting and conference rooms to improve collaboration
  • In the absence of no-shows, productivity would suffer

Keep up to date

Collaboration goes to another level when Room scheduling software notifications and emails are used. Create a notification that matches the tone of your brand. It is fundamental to their success that workflows require notifications. 

The possibilities are endless!

  • Create customized notifications for confirmations and check-ins, reservation changes, or facility alerts
  • The meeting planner can cancel reservations within the application or by email when they receive automatic reminders
  • There is now a use for vacant space

Reservation of meeting rooms

If your team has access to a room booking system, they can easily find where they need to be and do what they need to do.

  • Schedule an impromptu reservation in seconds
  • Recurring meetings should be scheduled in advance
  • Ensure that every aspect of the event is in place (catering, audiovisual equipment, room layouts).
  • Booking is easy through our mobile app, which is integrated with Outlook, Office 365, and Skype for Business. 

How many room fights do you have to endure?

No matter how many meetings you have, you do not want to waste time searching for rooms, being evicted or running over schedule.

  • It is possible to reduce the time spent planning meetings and looking for meeting rooms
  • There should be no one there
  • No more mixups, conflicts, or double bookings
  • Be on time every time you start

Proactivity in analysis

Making better decisions with Room scheduling software workplace analytics. With our flexible reporting engine, you can create both static and real-time reports.

  • Calculate the amount of space you waste by using Room scheduling software as well as the amount of space you recover
  • Adding external data to your reports (such as access control, occupancy sensors, or building management systems) is an excellent way to enhance your reports.
  • Create a dashboard to display data in a variety of formats
  • Bookings audited in full


Room scheduling software eliminates the need for system administrators as well. You can leave your setup to run by itself once you’ve configured it. Our Active Directory integration automatically backs up user data as well as leaves and joins invisibly.

It is insensitive to Room scheduling software even when hardware changes take place. Despite its lack of software requirements, Room scheduling software can operate on any operating system.

As you progress, you will find more opportunities

Your work habits won’t change if you use Room scheduling software. Room scheduling software adapts to your needs, not the other way around! In just a few clicks, you can set up your own workflows and rules. The result is that everything runs seamlessly without any training. 

Here’s an example…

  • The approval of high-demand spaces should be established
  • Restrict bookings to senior executives only
  • Booking rooms with a group or in a certain order
  • If you are calling to book a room, you should include the types of services that are available (AV equipment, catering, etc.) in the message.
  • You should be able to override rules if you need to through your catering manager, facilities manager, or executive assistant.

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