Environmental Test Chamber Manufacturer and Supplier in China

A device that allows users to alter the environmental conditions of an enclosed area in order to conduct controlled testing on a subject is known as an environmental test chamber. Researchers, engineers, scientists, and manufacturers take use of these favourable circumstances in order to spur innovation and guarantee that the goods they develop are safe for consumers to use. Thus, environmental chamber is being used all over the world.

A wide variety of environmental test chamber sizes are available, ranging from half-cubic-foot benchtop units to large drive-in rooms with a capacity of 12,000 cubic feet. Test chambers may last for up to ten years or more if they are properly cared for and maintained.

There are also a variety of environmental variables that test chambers may simulate, including temperature and humidity settings, temperature-only conditions, and corrosive conditions created by the application of salt spray to the chamber.

Environmental chamber performance

Temperature only

Temperature-only test chambers enable customers to perform steady-state testing or temperature cycling without the need for additional equipment. Radio frequency shielding, which is essential for businesses in the electronics sector, may also be found in some of these products.

Temperature and humidity

For example, a cell phone needs to work the same way in the freezing cold as it does along the coast during the muggy heat. By controlling the temperature and humidity of a test chamber, users can simulate real-world, extreme conditions their products may be exposed to. HALT (highly accelerated life testing) testing may also be used to mimic a product’s life span and make design decisions.

Salt spray

These chambers let you see how well your goods stand up against corrosion. Transparent salt spray chambers from LISUN let engineers see their products under test as they run.

Thermal shock chamber

There are two or three zones in a thermal shock test chamber, and the two zones are set to operate at polar opposites of each other. In the third zone, ambient temperature is exposed to devices under test (DUT) that are rapidly transported between them.

Best manufacturer and supplier in China

LISUN has made its name in the market as one of the best manufacturer and provider of environmental test chambers worldwide. Below are the main qualities of LISUN.

  1. LISUN’s environmental chambers are available in conventional sizes from their manufacture in a timely manner. In only 24 hours, they’ll be ready to ship to customers all around the world.
  2. LISUN is the original producer of environmental chambers, and they provide their products at a far lower price than their Chinese local competitors. LISUN also offers foreign suppliers and manufacturers a reasonable pricing.
  3. Make an effort to please the client. Customer quality questions are checked in full at the plant, and customers are promptly supported via internet remote help.
  4. Make sure to double-check everything to be sure it’s of high quality! Before shipping and manufacturing, all products are put through a stringent quality control procedure that includes a 9-point temperature uniformity check and a humidity test.
  5. Orders made in accordance with your design and trademark accepted Accept the fact that environmental chambers have a non-standard size.

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