Escape from Tarkov PC Graphics card is broken? That is your way to identify errors and solve common problems

Escape from Tarkov (or EFT for short) is a well-known PC-demanding game, and whether your current system can handle these requirements depends entirely on its built-in components. Battlestate Games states that your computer needs at least a 1 GB graphics card and is also DX11 compatible to pass the minimum GPU requirements. This is a rather vague requirement, but the first good graphics cards that meet these specifications are GeForce GTX 460 and Radeon HD 6850. Some weaker graphics cards may work, but it is better to be on the safer side without further information from the developer. The minimum CPU requirements are relatively low; a 2.4 GHz dual-core processor (Core 2 Duo E4600 or Athlon II X2 210) is required. These are significantly lower than other popular shooting games such as PUBG. It is compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and higher. Your computer also needs at least 6 GB of RAM to pass the remaining minimum requirements tests. Here Eznpc share Escape from Tarkov PC Graphics card is broken? That is your way to identify errors and solve common problems. EZNPC, as an expert Tarkov Roubles website, gives protected, rapid, and low-cost EFT Money for you personally. With more than five years of excellence. If you are hesitating about where to get Tarkov Money, EZNPC will be a great decision.

A well-functioning graphics card is currently more valuable than any Escape from Tarkov device. If your PC Escape from Tarkov graphics card shows signs of aging or refuses to work, you will inevitably feel frustrated. The continuing hardware shortage makes it almost impossible to find affordable alternatives. New products are either sold out or overpriced, and even old, used GPUs are traded at high prices. So what if there is a problem with the Escape from Tarkov graphics card? In the following, we will explain how to determine whether your GPU is indeed defective and how to deal with a faulty Escape from Tarkov graphics card.

Signs of Escape From Tarkov Graphics Card Failure

Image output problems may be a clear sign that your EFT graphics card is not working correctly. However, a faulty GPU can also be manifested by inconspicuous symptoms. In the following list, we have summarized the most frequently encountered problems related to defective EFT graphics cards:

After the computer starts, a black screen or no picture or the EFT graphics card cannot be recognized.

When the EFT graphics card is loaded (high), the game, program, and the entire operating system crash.

Serious display errors such as screen flickering or strong screen artifacts occur.

GPU fan continues to spin at maximum speed

The EFT graphics card is too slow because the core or memory clock frequency is abnormally low, or the GPU is not used commonly.

Please note, however, that problems such as crashes or image artifacts are not necessarily permanent and may occur occasionally. It is a good idea to write down when this type of error happened and what you were doing on the PC at that time. If problems occur frequently and/or follow a pattern, you can quickly conclude possible sources of errors.

General Troubleshooting and Possible Solutions

Before you suspect that your EFT graphics card is the source of the error, you should first make sure that other destructive factors do not cause your system problem. In other words: check if the rest of the hardware and software is working correctly.

Check the monitor and connection cables. For the latter-if possible-you can also test the various connection options of the EFT graphics card. For example, sometimes, a simple change from DisplayPort to HDMI can work wonders.

Check whether the EFT graphics card is fully inserted into its PCIe slot and whether the power cord of the power supply unit is seated correctly. Turn off the power of the PC and make sure you are not electrostatically charged.

Ensure the fan is not blocked and remove dust from the GPU if necessary; compressed air and clean brushes are beneficial. If your fans do not enter desktop mode, they may even twitch from time to time. In most cases, don’t worry about it. In many models, the fan only rotates when the card reaches a higher temperature, and twitching can only be understood as a sign of life for the fan.

Make sure your power supply has enough power to run the EFT graphics card.

Black Screen or No Picture

Even if the GPU is malfunctioning and there is no image, your PC should give signs of life when you turn it on. If your hardware has a fundamental problem, your motherboard will usually report a mysterious beep or error code after the system starts, provided it has a dedicated monitor or speaker.

Look at the motherboard manual to find out the problem. If your worries come true and your graphics card is not recognized or causes other issues, please follow these steps:

If you are using a PCIe riser card, insert the EFT graphics card directly into the PCIe slot on the motherboard.

If necessary, if there are multiple PCIe slots, test different PCIe slots on the motherboard. Also, check whether the contact strip of the EFT graphics card itself is damaged or contaminated; the same applies to the video connection on the slot bracket.

If you still do not get the picture, your EFT graphics card may be defective. However, if you have the opportunity, we recommend that you test the card in another system to ensure safety.

If the GPU still does not work, you should use the manufacturer’s guarantee if it has not expired. Or, you can still choose to sell or recycle the card as a defective card and buy a new GPU.

There is still a way to restore the EFT graphics card by heating it in an oven or using a hot air blower, but this is an absolute stopgap measure that we recommend not to use. Their success is unlikely, and often just very interesting, and usually not worth the effort.


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