Essential Nail Kit Tools for the Ultimate Nail Care Regimen






Many people see nail care as a burden; you have to book an appointment at the nail salon, drive all the way there, get a mani, and repeat the process at least once a month. There are also those who could care less about their nails.

However, it is important to keep your nails healthy; why? Because they protect the nailbeds, and if they are infected – you could be looking at a lifetime issue. Luckily, you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars and hours on nail care; with a few essential tools in your nail kit, you will keep them strong and looking fabulous:

Nail clippers/scissors

Now, you may have taken the nail clipper as a given, but it is a MUST in every nail kit. To enjoy healthy nails, you need to keep them on the shorter side; long nails break more easily, they develop stains, and they snag on things. So, a quality nail clipper will help you keep your nails trimmed and healthy.

Nail filer

Yet another tool that you might not be appreciated enough; after you trim your nails, buffing is a must. It helps shape the nails and smooth out any edges. One important thing that you need to keep in mind is to file your nails only in one direction. The biggest mistake when filing nails is doing it from side to side – it creates ridges and weakens nails, so go from left to right, and vice versa only.

Nail buffer

The top layer of your nails also needs some TLC. This part is exposed to water, chemicals, nail polish, and other substances that cause it to stain and weaken. By buffing your nails (again – only in one direction), you will remove glue, stains, smooth out ridges, and make your nails shine, shine, shine.

Cuticle conditioner

This little tiny part of your nails and fingernails should not be ignored; it needs nutrients, vitamins, and oils to function properly and to grow healthy nails. To give your cuticles all the goodies that they need, you should use a cuticle conditioner regularly. The one in the TrySprig nail kit comes highly recommended, at it is certified organic, all-natural, and approved by dermatologists. Also, the kit contains a nail filer and a nail filer, so you get a three-in-one deal.

Nail brush

With a nail brush, you can clean the surface of your nails, and the areas under your nails. It is a gently cleaning tool that you need in your nail kit, and it costs next to nothing. To get the full effect of the nail brush, run it under warm water, and get to brushing!

Medical grade alcohol

Yes, you need alcohol in your nail kit. Why exactly? To disinfect the tools that you use. Not cleaning your tools makes them a hotbed for bacteria and fungi. Cleaning the tools with alcohol or boiling them after use will keep your nails healthy and clean.

Bottom line

A nail kit does not have to cost a fortune; by purchasing a few basic items, you can keep your nail trimmed, healthy, and strong. Just make sure that no one else uses your kit, and dedicate a few minutes every week for nail care. It will pay off.

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