Event Seating Arrangements Made Simple With This Complete Guide

Are you planning your next event but you’re not sure how you should seat people? Seating arrangements can make or break any event, so it’s important that you choose the best one!

Once you know how many people are coming and how large your venue is, it’s time to start planning. Keep reading to learn about some of the most common seating arrangement styles for events.

Lounge Seating

Lounge seating is one of the more unique and modern types of event seating. This is a great option for a casual and relaxed event where you want people to be able to mingle. 

lounge seating is great for events that are mostly standing. It allows people to take a rest and talk to friends (or strangers) when they want alone time. 

You’ll be using living room-style furniture, so you may need to rent your own. This is also only a good option if you have plenty of space.

Theatre Seating

Theatre seating is one of the more popular forms of seating arrangements. There are seats (without tables) on either side of a center aisle. This makes it great for weddings and seminars.

Because this seating arrangement doesn’t have tables, guests may struggle to find room for their things. This can be extra problematic if they have drinks or food. 

That said, this seating style allows for more seats in small spaces and it forces everyone to face the front of the event. 

Banquet Seating

Banquet seating is another tried and true seating style. 

Banquet seating for events usually has assigned seating charts. For weddings, this usually means pairing friends and family members together. For corporate events, it means that groups within the same specialty are often paired.

Banquet seating is great for wedding parties because you can eat and drink at the tables while paying attention to the speeches and dancing. When you’re done, you can make your way to the dance floor!

Banquet seating is easy for caterers and other event staff because it’s easy to find specific guests. Learn more about event staffing here. 

Classroom Seating

Classroom seating isn’t as popular as the other types of event seating on this list when it comes to “fun” events, but it’s a great choice for conventions and corporate events.

With this seating style, people sit at long tables that face the front of the room. People have space to take notes and place their things. Unfortunately, this seating style limits you as far as space goes because guests can only sit on one side of each table. 

U-Shaped Seating

U-shaped seating (sometimes referred to as “horseshoe seating”) is the last popular seating style on our list.

With this event seating style, people are in a “U” shape. The center of attention fits in the space between the tables. This is sometimes popular for weddings, but it’s more effective for conferences or small performances. 

Because people have tables, they’re able to eat, drink, and take notes while they’re sitting down. However, this isn’t a great option for small event spaces. You’ll limit your space with a “U” shape. 

Which Seating Arrangements Are Right for Your Event?

All of these seating arrangements have their pros and cons. Which one is right for the event that you’re planning?

Whether you have an upcoming wedding, performance, or even a business event, make sure that you plan your event seating arrangement right!

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