Everything to Consider When Choosing an Emergency Plumbing Company

Have you suddenly sprung a leak? There’s no time to waste! You need to hire an emergency plumber right away.

Otherwise, leaking water throughout your home could cause mold and mildew to grow. 

Unfortunately, there are over 490,000 plumbers in the US. It helps to have a plan to narrow down your options for plumbers. Otherwise, you could hire someone who lacks the experience you need.

Here are seven tips that can help you find an emergency plumbing company with ease. Using these tips will help you narrow down your options. You’ll have peace of mind knowing an experienced professional is there to help.

Start your search for the best plumbing company with these tips today.

1. Look for Experience

First, head online and search for “emergency plumbing company near me.” Make a list of options for plumbers to vet further.

Otherwise, talk to your friends, family members, and neighbors. Ask if they’ve hired an emergency plumber in the past. If they have, ask about their experience. 

For example, you can ask:

  • Were you satisfied with the services you received
  • Was the plumber on time
  • Were they knowledgeable and easy to talk to
  • Were they friendly yet professional
  • Would you hire them again
  • What services did you need
  • How much did it cost

Speaking with people you trust can help you find a professional you can trust. If your inner circle can’t point you in the right direction, that’s okay. Use Google instead!

Once you have a list of options, visit each company’s Better Business Bureau profile.

Determine how long the company has run and operated. Choose a long-established business. An establishing plumbing company won’t disappear overnight.

It’s likely the company has earned the respect of other homeowners in the area. Chances are, they’re doing something right.

Before a plumber arrives at your home, try to determine their emergency plumbing experience. How long has the plumber worked in the industry? How many clients have they helped in that time?

Make sure they have emergency plumbing experience relevant to your situation, too. Otherwise, they might struggle to help.

Finding an experienced local plumber will give you peace of mind in their abilities. You can feel confident in their know-how. They can leverage their previous experience when working on your plumbing. 

2. Consider Their Credentials

It’s not enough to find someone with emergency plumbing experience, though. Before hiring a plumber, ask for proof of their credentials. 

First, make sure they’re certified to work on residential properties. A certified plumber will know how to properly make the necessary repairs. They’ll diagnose the problem before working on your plumbing, too.

Otherwise, they might do more harm than good.

Ask when they last updated their certification as well.

Most tradesmen need to keep their certifications up-to-date on an annual basis. Otherwise, they could fall behind building codes, practices, and procedures.

Ask the plumber if they’re up-to-date with any relevant building codes or regulations, too.

You can also ask when they last completed testing. Look for their county, regional, or state certification.

If they’re not licensed, they might fail to pull the right permits before getting to work. You might have to pay a fine as a result.

3. Read Reviews

If you want to find the best emergency plumbing company in the area, ask for references and reviews.

Every company will try to convince you they’re the best. Instead of taking their word for it, speak with their recent clients. Make sure their clients were satisfied with the services they received.

Reading online reviews will help you learn more about each plumber from someone who was once in your shoes. A company with a strong reputation will strive to maintain it. They’re more likely to offer top-notch services to every customer as a result. 

4. Check Their Services

Before choosing an emergency plumbing company, look into their services.

A leak in your home can account for 10,000 gallons of water wasted each year. About 10% of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons or more daily. Fixing these leaks can save you 10% on your water bill a year.

Not every plumber you call knows how to handle every plumbing emergency. Remember, you’ll want to choose someone based on your situation. Make sure their services cover the emergency you’re dealing with.

Make sure you won’t have to pay a surcharge for emergency services, either.

Otherwise, ask each plumber about their specialty. Some plumbers focus on remodeling and renovations. 

Make sure they’re capable of meeting your distinct needs.

5. Look for Insurance

Once you know they’re certified, ask about their insurance. An insured company will have your best interests in mind. If anyone damages your property or gets hurt on the job, they won’t hold you responsible.

Make sure the company has worker’s compensation insurance and general liability insurance.

If someone is injured on the job, the company’s worker’s compensation insurance will take care of it. If they damage your home on the job, their general liability insurance will handle the situation.

Finding a company with both forms of insurance will give you peace of mind. 

6. Ask About Their Warranty

Ask each company if they offer a warranty. Otherwise, ask what happens if you’re not satisfied with their services.

Some companies will return if you call them within 30 days. A company that offers a warranty will have your best interests in mind. Otherwise, you might have to call another emergency plumbing company to fix the problem. 

7. Compare Costs

Before making your final choice, take the time to gather multiple quotes from local plumbers. Comparing plumbing fees can help you gauge the local average. Don’t choose the cheapest option, though.

Instead, review your notes. Make sure you’re hiring someone with emergency plumbing experience you can count on. Otherwise, they might do more harm than good. 

Pick a Pro: 7 Tips for Finding the Best Emergency Plumbing Company

You don’t have to hire the first plumber you find. Instead, find the best emergency plumbing company with these seven tips. Using these tips can help you feel confident in your choice.

Searching for more useful guides? You came to the right place.

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