Everything to Consider When Designing an Outdoor Living Space

When you look at your backyard, do you dream about what it could be one day? Do you picture hosting family get-togethers, snuggling around a bonfire, or spending your days tending to your garden?

If your current space leaves a lot to be desired, it’s time to consider a renovation. Keep reading to find what you need to know to build the perfect outdoor living space.

1. Budget

How much money are you willing and able to spend to create your perfect backyard sanctuary?

Your outdoor living space budget will determine what you can achieve in your yard.

The good news is that those on a tight budget can still design a beautiful space. You can cut costs in a big way by DIY’ing as much as you can.

Reserve some of your budget for hiring a professional designer or outdoor space contractor. They can help you plan the perfect layout so you’re on the right path to achieving your vision.

2. Timeline

Knowing your budget will help you determine a timeline for your project. If you have big (read: expensive) visions, you may need extra time for everything to come together.

Do you want everything to be complete in one season? Or are you okay with chipping away at this project over time?

Your location will also determine the feasibility of your timeline. If you live somewhere with temperate weather all year, you can take as much time as you need to complete your project. If your area experiences all four seasons, you might need to work a little faster.

3. Landscaping

The flora you choose will have a big effect on the mood in your space.

Are you visioning a grassy backyard or something a little more intricate? Do you want your space to be like something out of Better Homes & Gardens?

Does your yard need a space for the kids? Will you be doing a lot of entertaining and need an area to do so?

Consider the layout and direction of your yard. Do research to determine what the sun and wind will do at different times of the year. We recommend using Current Results to see sunshine and wind averages for your area.

Stonework is another thing to consider adding to your space. Masonry such as retaining walls and columns adds a stunning touch to your yard. Go here now to find how masonry can transform your space.

4. Accessories and Structures

Another thing to consider is what you’ll be using your outdoor space for.

If you plan on hosting a lot of community barbecues, you’ll need an area for cooking. Invest in a high-end grill or full outdoor kitchen to uplevel your game. Be sure to leave space for furniture so your guests have somewhere comfortable to sit, too.

Do you envision your yard as a whimsical garden? You might consider gazebos, pergolas, and unique places to host your plants. Hint: Bicycle baskets, clawfoot tubs, and even toolboxes make great eye-catching planters.

Once you know what your end goal is, you can start shopping for the necessities.

Build the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

An outdoor living space will transform your backyard into your own personal sanctuary. Give yourself plenty of time to plan, prep, and execute this project.

Keep reading our blogs for more ideas for your next home improvement project.


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