Everything you did not know about the software development environment






Within this article, I wish to explain some tech staff to non-tech readers. To more accurately understand the meaning of this article, it is necessary to refer to the terminology. The development environment is a special set of tools, software, and apps, which developers use to work on the creation of software more productively. It is about the operating system, databases, frameworks, compilers, and API calls, which are also used in the software. Next is the production environment, and the staging environment. The first one is the ‘place’, where the ready software is available for the users, and the second one – is the developer’s testing polygon.

Everything you did not know about the software development environment

The reason for it all

It refers to the need for different places to successfully fork their code. For example, someone wants to work in a bank where they need to test a feature that makes it possible to withdraw 1,000 USD from an account. No one would have wanted the resource developers to charge for each use. In short, they want to create a so-called development, where it becomes possible to withdraw money, avoiding the balance of real users.

Some firms deal with this by having a development and production environment where backup databases are available for both.

Software development involves the emergence of one environment and works in another. It would be better if application creators could easily spot any bugs. For this, there are databases, CUI calls, and debug symbols, although the latter may cause the application to function more slowly. Analytics turns off. Server push actions can only be used with DEV software.

QUALIF or the required demo version

QUALIF is applied in the form of human testing. This environment is similar to Dev, using textual databases, but at the same time, the environment is similar to Prod due to its speed of control.

Everything should be real in the production environment since this is what visitors to your resource will use. But, you need to be careful, for example, in the case of using the Prod application, the funds are withdrawn from the credit card.

It is a kind of production application that does not include some of the functions of the main application. It is possible to demonstrate such an application, but such features as credit card payments will not be available.

In conclusion, I would like to add that organizations can name their environments differently. It is necessary to interact with the software developers and the company. It is also worth adding that the development of your software must be allocated a place that will not interact in any way with the production environment. It will help you avoid unpleasant situations such as unexpected withdrawals from your credit card.

Many people think that the environment in software development does not matter. But without software environment, the development of the IT systems would take much more time to create and test, and the quality of the solution would be much lower. As one of the features, the environment assists in is the control of the code and hints for the development process optimization.

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