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The EVNA medical social network app is a web application that links the medical fraternity with patients which is launched by Héphaïstos. Founder of this company is Mohamed Chérif Haidara. It presents a medium for improving health literacy. Patients are able to update their medical records online and share them with doctors.

EVNA’s social networking app also enables them to post questions and answers for other patients. A medical professional can also become a member of the community. The EVNA medical social networking app is available on iOS and android on Google Play Store.

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Patients can interact

Besides connecting patients to doctors, EVNA’s web application also provides an opportunity for patients to interact with doctors on a personal level. It creates connections between doctors and patients, and allows them to share their health information with one another. The goal of this app is to improve communication and increase participation of all participants in the medical & health fraternity. The EVNA medical social network app has been developed to facilitate patient-doctor engagement.

Convene ice social networking

Unlike other social networks, EVNA’s mobile app offers the convenience of a social networking platform for patients and doctors. The app’s feature-rich interface allows users to find doctors and discuss their concerns. This will ensure the patient’s privacy and the confidentiality of the information. The platform will also allow physicians to connect with patients. Moreover, the EVNA medical social network application is easy to use and will allow users to keep track of their health data online.

Creates communities

The social networking application allows users to interact with doctors and creates communities with similar symptoms. This allows users to access health information created by experts and shop for recommended products in the marketplace. Moreover, the application also enables patients to manage their own health records online. Moreover, the EVNA medical social network app will enable doctors and patients to interact via a social platform. The EVNA medical social network app will provide many benefits to users.

Important tool for patients

The app features a journal that is an important tool for patients. It allows users to keep track of new messages, new activity on their records, and discussions. Moreover, the journal auto-populates with notifications, which makes it easy for patients to keep track of what is happening in their profile. This way, the EVNA medical social network is a great resource for people living with various chronic health conditions.

Another EVNA medical social network app features a journal that provides a central interface to patients. The journal helps patients to stay informed of new messages, activities on their health records, and discussions. The journal is a valuable resource for the patient’s health and will be auto-populated with notifications. As a result, patients can have a centralized interface for all their profile actions, while being able to share their experiences with the medical community.

Share reports

The EVNA medical social network app allows patients to access and share their health-related information with their doctors. This centralized interface helps patients to keep track of their new messages, activities on their records, and discussions. It serves as a logbook for patients and doctors. By using the journal, they can share information with their doctors, and view the status of their health. Likewise, physicians can easily communicate with other doctors and learn about the latest innovations in the health sector.

For healthcare industry

EVNA medical social network app is an essential component of the health care industry. The app helps patients connect with other healthcare professionals and find a new doctor. The app also provides information about health-related issues. A doctor can also share information with patients in real time. The EVNA medical social network app can also help hospitals and other health care providers improve their services. A healthcare professional can also use the EVNA medical social network to find a new partner.

For real-time health

EVNA medical social network app is designed to provide patients with real-time health information and is often referred to as the LinkedIn of health. The app contains more than 600 communities that cover almost 750 health conditions, allowing patients to discuss their experiences and connect with other individuals. With the EVNA, it is possible to find a doctor who is right for you. This is especially important if you’re a doctor or a caregiver who cares for a family member or loved one.

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