Explained- What is NMF & understanding the role of NMF in skin hydration

NMF, which stands for ‘Natural Moisturising Factors’, consists of a collection of ingredients such as amino acids, peptides, lactic acid, sodium PCA, sugars and minerals which naturally occur in the uppermost layer of the skin. These ingredients help keep the skin healthy, smooth and hydrated. Although these are naturally occurring in the skin, NMF creams are gaining popularity in skincare as providing NMF to the skin through topical application has many benefits for the skin. NMF is naturally produced by the skin by recycling certain proteins called filaggrin. Filaggrin is the protein responsible for binding corneocytes, which are the cells of stratum corneum. NMF contains about 10% of corneocytes in mass. Arginine, a compound present in filaggrin degrades to citrulline which causes the filaggrin to become loose due to an increase in acidity. Then the proteolytic enzymes work to break filaggrin down to NMF constituents such as amino acids. In higher levels of humidity, NMF is formed in outer layers of the skin whereas it’s formed deeper in the skin at lower levels of humidity. NMF is basically a mix of effective humectants which help retain moisture in the skin. NMF works by absorbing water and dissolving in it to hydrate the skin. It also works by reducing the bonds between keratin fibres and hence increases the skin’s elasticity. It helps manage the water influx by balancing the osmotic pressure on corneocytes.

Role of NMF in skincare

NMF is a combination of water-soluble, naturally occurring ingredients in the skin like amino acids, lactates, sodium PCAs, sugars etc. NMF is primarily used through NMF creams that have many essential benefits for the skin such as-

  • It helps maintain a healthy skin barrier. A healthy epidermal barrier is very important to protect the skin from external factors and maintain healthy,glowing skin. Damaged barriers could increase the risk of infections and cause transepidermal water loss which can result in dry and dull skin.
  • It is essential to keep the skin hydrated.
  • It plays a role in maintaining the skin’s elasticity by affecting the bonds between keratin fibres.. As we get older, the skin loses its elasticity and signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and sagging show up. NMF levels are depleted with age, so using NMF creams can help prevent these signs of aging.
  • It helps in activating the enzymes which are responsible for natural shedding of dead skin cells.
  • It is important to protect the skin from dehydration and damage.

The amount of NMF in skin care keeps reducing as we get older. Hence, it’s important to provide NMF to your skin externally by adding it in your skincare routine. Products like the Deconstruct’s NMF Cream, are a great way to add NMF to your skincare routine as it contains hydrating ingredients that allow you to enjoy the benefits of NMF without having to worry about bad chemicals. Not only is NMF essential to prDeconstruct NMF Hydrating Moisturiserevent skin conditions, it can be effective in treating many skin conditions associated with dryness.

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A decreased amount of NMF in the skin is associated with many skin issues, the most prominent one being dry skin. Other symptoms associated with dry skin such as peeling, flakiness, or cracking can also be seen. Low amounts of NMF is also associated with skin conditions like Psoriasis, chronic dry skin and ichthyosis vulgaris. NMF creams can not only help prevent dryness but it can be effective in relieving the symptoms and getting rid of these skin conditions as well. The production of NMF in the skin can be hindered by various factors. Besides aging, environmental factors play a role influencing the production of NMF. As mentioned earlier, a decrease in levels of humidity stalls the degradation of filaggrin by affecting the action of hydrolytic enzymes. In such a situation, NMF is produced in deeper layers on the skin which could result in dryness on the surface of the skin. Sunlight also seems to have an effect on the synthesis of NMF. UV radiation has been found to prevent the breaking down of filaggrin to form NMF.

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NMF is an extremely important component of the skin which consists of water-soluble components like amino acids, peptides, lactic acid, sodium PCA, sugars and minerals. These are important in having healthy, hydrated skin and prevent various skin conditions. Certain factors such as age, sunlight and other environmental factors can cause a reduction in the amount of NMF produced. This makes it important for the NMF in the skin to be replenished externally through skincare products like NMF creams. With advancing research, NMF is becoming a popular ingredient in skincare. Due to its importance and significant benefits for the skin, an increasing number of skincare brands are including NMF in their list of ingredients and formulating products containing NMF. Consider adding NMF in your skincare routine to ensure healthy skin and prevent dryness through NMF creams. The best way to add NMF is through moisturisers which help seal the moisture in your skin while letting your skin benefit from the NMF.

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