Exploring The Greek Island on a Catamaran

Greece is a beautiful country, one of those you might enjoy visiting at any time of the year, but summer is an especially good time to visit. You can be sure of some blissfully warm Mediterranean sunshine and, while you bask in the warmth, you can sip on refreshing drinks and savour the marvellous Greek cuisine. The Greeks are a hospitable bunch and will welcome you as if you were one of your own, so engaging conversation with the locals will also be part of your holiday.

It’s not just about the food and the climate, though. Greece has some beautiful places to explore, especially its islands. Summer is an ideal time to rent a boat or charter a yacht, get out there on the open water and sail to them. Below is a look at why you should consider visiting the Greek islands in a catamaran, a discussion of the things you should take with you on a sailing trip and a look at how you can access a catamaran.

Visiting the Greek islands in a catamaran

Greece is beautiful, but when you explore it in a catamaran the beauty becomes even more intense. Travelling around the Greek islands is a popular holiday activity, so it pays to book your catamaran early so you can secure the best one for your trip. But what other reasons should you consider booking a catamaran to sail around Greece?

The performance of a catamaran

The sleek design of a catamaran means it can move swiftly on calm waters, making it possible for you to get to and from those lovely islands much quicker. The stability of a catamaran makes it a preferred choice for anyone wanting to get Cyclades islands, such as the gorgeous Santorini or Mykonos, where there is more distance between islands.

Of course, the Cyclades islands are just one option. Greece spoils you with choice for sailing destinations. The Ionian islands, one of the most famous being Corfu; the Dodecanese islands, of which Rhodes and Kos are likely to ring a bell; the Sporades islands, with Skiathos being a charter base; and the Argolic Gulf and the Saronic Gulf for coastline sailing; are all alternatives.

Travel in style

When you’re visiting a country as elegant as Greece, you might want to match that elegance and enjoy the luxury a good catamaran offers. Catamarans will have at least one cabin or, depending on their size, more. They have a lot of room for a lot of people and a lot of things. Bring your friends along for the journey, make some memories and experience some of the finer things in life together.

Reduced draught makes coves and beaches more accessible

The shallow draught of catamarans makes it easier to access coves and beaches that you wouldn’t even consider if you were travelling in a monohull boat. This gives you more flexibility when looking for somewhere to anchor, shelter from bad weather or stop for a quick dip. You can even use this to your advantage to take the best photos while you’re on your holiday.

Things to bring on your sailing trip

Sure, it would be nice to jump into a boat and just sail off to your destination, but there are certain things you’ll need to bring with you:

  • A quick-dry UV top: One thing’s for certain and that’s the fact it’s going to be warm out there in the Greek sun. You’ll want to wear clothing that protects you from it. Find a UV shirt that dries quickly and also helps you preserve optimum body temperature while you’re out on the water.
  • Deck shoes: Decks and cockpits can get very slippery, so you’ll require a decent pair of deck shoes because they have better grip. Ideally, look for no-mark soles as well. Avoid shoes that have deep treads. They could pick up stones or gravel while you’re ashore and scratch the wood on deck.
  • Waterproof jacket: Even in mild conditions, it’s best to have a waterproof jacket. A jacket that has a two-layer, laminated fabric and a durable, water-repellent finish would be best.

Note that you should always bring some dry clothing with you. Avoid wearing any clothing that can catch in lines, such as scarfs or shawls. A thick coat or a blanket would be better for if you get cold.

Accessing a suitable catamaran

Boating has become so much more popular now that it’s more affordable and there are lots of different marketplaces out there. Online boat rental and yacht chartering marketplaces such as www.borrowaboat.com offer a variety of different catamarans that you can book to use in Greece. It’s possible to rent a standard luxury catamaran, which is good for large groups, or go for the newer option of the power catamarans, which tend to have more space on deck than monohulls because of the absence of sails and masts.

You can choose smaller catamarans of 38 or 39 feet or go for larger ones of 46 feet upwards. The number of cabins on the catamarans ranges from 4 to 6. Some catamarans have space for as many 13 guests.

Greece is a superb destination to explore in a catamaran. If you’re thinking of doing this, you definitely won’t regret. Catamarans are accessible and allow you to travel in style as you enjoy all the good things Greece, and its islands have to offer. There are many.

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