Factors related to human food consumption behavior

When more advanced agricultural technology, plant and animal species are selected to suit the environment or high yield, labor-saving machines and agricultural machines were invented. Causing the production to increase so much that it cannot be entirely consumed within the household; therefore has to exchange or traded between neighbors or within that community. In some seasons, they produce too much for the community to consume them all. Causing the produce to spoil and have to be discarded in vain It is necessary to find a way to preserve agricultural products so that they can be stored for a long time and do not spoil, resulting in various food processing methods.

Consequently, human consumption behavior has changed from the past to consuming little food to survive or sustain life. According to the wealth or wealth, food consumption is according to individual preferences because there are more food choices. The country’s food industry is currently expanding to frozen Fish for sale to meet the needs of consumers and social change. There is a transfer of technology for food production from abroad. As well as importing many machines into the country, there is a production of personnel in the field of food science to help develop the country’s food industry. It has produced many types of food to the market and can also be sent to sell abroad. Bring a large amount of currency into the country each year. The intense competition in today’s food processing requires manufacturers to study consumer demand and understand consumer behavior that changes over time and the various factors. Even in the small and medium-sized food industry, this needs to be emphasized to produce food to meet the needs of consumers who can easily find the market and sell without a loss.

Human dietary habits will change over time according to social changes and gender, age, knowledge, economic, social, religious, and customs. In general, it was found that changes in consumption behaviors can be changed but take time and are slower than other behavioral changes such as dress or language. Factors related to or influencing human food consumption behavior are:


The environment has a significant influence on the flora or fauna of the area, which affects the human diet in that area as well. Humans from the past would consume plants or animals that are readily available or locally available as food ( food availability). For example, the Eskimos were unable to cultivate because the weather was freezing, and there was not much room for growing crops. Therefore, the primary consumption of meat such as polar bear meat, seals, fish, etc., but in the present Eskimo people have food produced from different places, causing their consumption behavior to change. More and more different types of food are consumed depending on the type of food available in the market.

Asians traditionally consumed rice because it could be grown in the tropics, while those in colder countries consumed bread made from rye or wheat. Because it is a grain that can grow in warm or cold weather conditions, etc., nowadays, international trade and convenient transportation Introducing how to cook rice There is an electric rice cooker or there are ready-made meals made from rice for sale or Beans for sale everywhere. Consumption methods and benefits have been published. Causing people in the western hemisphere to consume more rice, but vice versa, bread, and pastries are also popular among Asians. It can be seen that today’s human beings can adapt to new food products. More accessible than in the past, the food processing industry plays a vital role in distributing food products to communities, even if communities cannot produce that food.

Customs, traditions, religions, and beliefs

It is an essential factor affecting human consumption behavior from the past to the present. Food that one society considers good, another society may prohibit eating. Some foods are not of high nutritional value but are of high psychological value to consumers. Some foods have religious taboos. However, the influence of tradition has a significant effect on human consumption behavior. But found that when consumers have changed to a society with other traditions, Consumer behavior may also change by various rules. That society has defined or gained acceptance in that society, Asian children living in Europe or the United States may prefer bread over rice. Expanding the food market must consider this factor to avoid opposition or disapproval—for example, Silver Liquid Mercury for sale in the Middle East countries. Must follow the prohibitions of Islam must be halal food or during the vegetarian festival; the production of vegetarian food will also meet the needs of consumers.


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