Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Band Saw

Band saws are some of the most available and used cutting machines in the world. There are different types but all works to come out with the same aim. In this article, I will discuss factors considered when purchasing a band saw for your work and meeting your customer’s needs

When buying a band saw for long-term use, you need to check different parameters. The capital available for the machine, the space to keep it, capacity, and the price of the machine are among the things to consider. Some people also choose the band saw depending on how they have seen it working for their friends. Here is the key thing to consider when purchasing the band saw.

Available space for the machine

These are the first thing to consider depending on the workload of the machine, it should be situated in a place where the infeed and outfeed spaces are adequate to reduce the risk of accident to the operator, and also damage to the saw while handling the machine. Adequate space is required for offloading the tracks and on loading them, therefore the machine should be suited in a place where it should be accessible enough. The working area also looks neat when there is adequate space for the machine and all the materials.

Level of Automation

The early businesses at the best quality production, however, this might not be the result due to the level of automation your machine has, the higher the level of automation the higher the Band Saw Prices in Kenya. Unfortunately, most people opt for cheap things which end up disappointing them, and they start blaming the company or the people who introduced them forgetting they were trying to save money. For the best automation of a machine, you need to check out the following. Is the machine you are buying manual or self-automatic, the gravity, is it a programmable lift controller which allows any cuts at once, computerized numerical controller or even full computerized numerical controller. All these machines are good at their work, but it depends on the buyer’s preferences.


As an entrepreneur, your main aim is to meet the customer’s needs, therefore while choosing the band saw for your work; you need to consider the best band saw with all requirements. Sometimes the customer requires large, small, and cuts with different diameters, so you need to look at the following different styles of saw and cutting application for your work at least to meet the biggest number of customers.

Optional Features

These are features that are not a must but you can also consider them for your effectiveness in the production. To reduce the cleaning process of the working area you need to check for the chip conveyor systems of the machine since a clean environment attracts more customers and is also healthy for the operators. The machine also requires good cooling systems either the spray mist, wet or dry coolant. For efficient handling of material, you need to consider the bundle clamping you are using.


Everyone knows what is best for his or her customers. Therefore, for good profit and outcome of the work consider the above factors before purchasing the best band saw. Most importantly, look at the amount of money you have for the machine.


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