Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Circular Saw

In a workshop, especially wood, many tools are used to produce good quality timber cut accurately in different portions. Among them is a circular saw which is a must-have tool in the DIYers toolkit. This article explains the key factors to consider before buying the right circular saw.

Factors Considered Before Buying a Good Circular Saw.

A circular saw is one of the power saws that use a toothed disc or blade for cutting unique materials in a rotation manner as it spins around the arbour. Circular saws are in two types, the worm-drive and the sidewinders. To purchase the right circular saw, there are factors you need to consider so that you don’t regret it. Below are some of these factors.

Size of saw

Before purchasing any circular saw, the nature of your work should be much considered. In the woodwork industry, various tasks are performed on the wood using different tools. The size of the saw should be purchased according to the tasks they are going to perform.

The price of the saw.

The circular saw Price in Kenya varies according to the type of saw you need to buy. Still, you don’t have to purchase expensive saws which you can not afford. It’s advisable to look for a saw that proportionates your income in the pocket.

Safety features

It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure that the circular saw being used in the wood workshop has got good safety features; among such features is a spindle lock which supports the worker feel secure as it prevents blades to move during the change over of the blades. With such features considered, then modern circular saws are the best.

Power rating

The power rating of these corded circular saws is expressed generally in amperage, and a 15 amp saw stands as a standard for now. 12 or 10 amp saws are good to be used but not frequently. To have a high cutting saw, it should have a high amperage.


A new saw should come with carbide tipped wood cutting blade, if you happen to purchase a saw with a stainless blade, just replace it with a carbide-tipped saw. The carbide-tipped blade is the best as far as strength and long-lasting is concerned though there are other types of blades.

Corded circular saws

Corded saws are better for high duty cuts and so much sustainable.

Control and speed

These saws have got different speeds of rotation and the right speed depends on the nature of your work. However high speed of rotation is the best and should always be considered.


For better work in a wood workshop, there is a need for a better saw to produce good work and a preferred option is Bosch circular saw. Before purchasing the circular saw for woodwork, you need to consider the above factors. This will help your workshop or industry to grow without making losses and will give you a conducive working environment, not only for you but for your workers too.


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