Factors to Consider While Choosing the Massage Table


The world has a lot of diversity in style and quality, so sometimes it can be difficult for people to choose the best massage tables. Here are the four methods of selecting a massage table for your professional and personal use. 

When considering the range that these tables have, the item itself becomes essential equipment for the massager. Mostly choosing the most exemplary massage table online will help make your job easier but will also aid you to increase your overall income. For example, a good table should have all the necessary things a therapist needs when looking for equipment.

  1. Table weight

The weight factor is the most noteworthy for the table and the practitioner working as a therapist. Firstly, the weight that you can unload and load with a single hand is essential. In contrast, wooden tables that are most usable in spas and clinics weigh more and require more strength to move. 

The best weight where most therapists agree for a table is between 46 and 22 lbs. Even a portable massage table Canada that contain wooden legs tend to weigh more than their other part. 

2.Fabric and quality

Leather is considered the most trustable material for massage tables and tops. Not only is it highly durable, but also extremely easy to clean. Most tables now include a type of synthetic leather. 

You should investigate the specific kind of leather or substitute in a table before comparing and buying reviews. Likewise, PVC leather is a prevalent type of material used for a massage table online. 

3.Weight capacity

The capacity of a table is also known as the working weight. This integer represents the total amount of weight a table can hold with use. Likewise, you can say that your clients’ weight, with the pressure you exert while working, matters. This total weight is the capacity of your table. Most essentially, you do not want your clients to fall if they have more weight than the table’s capacity. 

A massage table has a capacity of 400-600 pounds. Furthermore, you need to consider the weight capacity depending on the client of the size and pressure treatment you provide. Some heavy-duty tables in the market enable stability up to 500 pounds and comfort at the same time. 

4..Width of the table

Above everything, the width of your table is also pretty essential while you are selecting a massage table. You will probably need a table that suits almost every body shape. This situation will improve your clients’ comfort regardless of their size to handle any patient’s size. 

Furthermore, your height will also determine how accurate your operation width will be. If your height is small, you can choose a narrow massage table online that is approximately twenty-eight inches. For taller massagers, a table of 30-32 inches will be the best choice. –


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