Factors to put in Consideration  when Buying a Welding Machine

Welding machines are important equipment. During construction materials may need to be joined together to make the windows, doors, etc. selecting a suitable welding machine to be used at work is crucial. This article will give a guide on the main factors to look out for when purchasing a welding machine.


Welding machines in the market come in a wide. These machines are in different models and of different brands.  It could be quite hectic and challenging when you go to purchase. It is good to first compare the machine features with your demands and needs. Below are a few important features to put into consideration when planning on purchasing a welding machine.

What you are welding

The first thing to consider is what the machine is being used for. This includes the base materials intended in being used by the welding machine. For instance, in MAG/MIG welding, the length and thickness of welds in the welding machine should be put into account.

For the MIG welding, aluminium is used as the main base material so the only option here is the pulse welding machine.  For TIG welding, an AC/DC machine is always required.

Availability of spare parts

Before purchasing your welding machine, you should find out whether there is a service are nearby where your welding machine can be serviced and the spare parts available and of high quality. Any machine at some point needs a replacement of some of its parts. Machines also can breakdown while working.

Having a service centre near you will make maintenance of your welding machine easy.

Price of the machine

In most cases when we plan on purchasing an item, we tend to be sensitive on the price tag. In the case of the welding machines, I believe getting a high quality trusted brand of the machine that suits your needs outweighs the need to look too much into prices. For instance, the ingco welding machine price in Kenya may slightly differ from one seller to the other for their different models.

This difference does not mean they are of different qualities. It is good to work within your budget but also making sure you get the right machine for your work.

Image: Inverter MMA portable welding machine

Is the machine for shared or personal use?

The end user of the welding machine gives the last opinion on the purchase of the welding machine. A welding machine that is shared should have a user interface that is fast to adopt. The machine should be easy to use and have language options.

In the industrial environment, the welding machines based on experimentation and demonstrations. The welders familiarize themselves with the characteristics of the machine after the demo and decide whether it is good for them to operate.


Various models if welding machines are readily available in the Kenyan market. It is important to visit the various sellers and enquire on the type you are looking for before you make your final decision. Purchasing a good welding that will serve you long is a great investment.


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