Facts About Cladding Facades With Aluminum Panels

Cladding with aluminium composite panels of various functional uses is becoming more and more popular. Using composite panels, you can even implement any non-standard architectural idea. With its help, it is possible to sheathe a facade with various configurations. Since aluminum composite panels can be made for specific technical parameters.

The main advantage of aluminum composite panels is compliance with all flammability groups, which makes it possible to use them in buildings of any purpose. The aluminum facade composite is lightweight and resistant to corrosion and vibration. High heat-insulating properties of aluminum composite panels are an important factor when decorating external facades of buildings.

Where aluminium composite panels are used?

Aluminum composite can transform the appearance of buildings while giving the architect and the builder opportunities that were previously considered unattainable. A varied color palette of aluminum composite panels can satisfy the most demanding needs.

Aluminium composite panel cladding in Sydney is used:

  • in the production of hinged ventilated facades;
  • during the reconstruction of old buildings, by cladding the facade of the building with aluminum composite panels;
  • for the production of balconies, cornices and canopies of buildings;
  • when facing the perimeter of roofs, pediment;
  • in the manufacture of various box structures, the manufacture of shops;
  • as indoor composite partitions, and wall cladding;
  • in the production of billboards, advertising signs, volumetric letters;
  • in the production of interior objects and exhibition stands;
  • as lining of gas stations and other industrial structures.

They combined the lightness and strength that are so demanded in modern construction. Aluminium composite panel cladding provides good protection against moisture, since they are designed in such a way that any moisture that gets on their surface is naturally removed into the drainage. Therefore, even the slightest possibility of it getting on the walls of the building or insulation is excluded

How to choose aluminium composite panels?

In order to choose the right material for work, pay attention to its technical characteristics. Please note that thin panels are mainly used for interior work, and for facade cladding, it is worth choosing materials with greater wear resistance, as well as higher shock resistance, UV resistance, anti-corrosion properties, and the level of anti-vibration properties.

It is very important that the ACP favorably distinguish the building and emphasize its individuality, or, on the contrary, should make it inconspicuous against the background of the rest. It all depends on the ideas and fantasies of architects and designers. Fortunately, a hinged ventilated facade is being sold on the market now, the ‘face’ of which will delight you:

  • a riot of glossy and matte colors;
  • a variety of textures, including those with imitation of natural materials (wood, stone and others);
  • different sizes.

The more presentable and individual the facade should look, the more requirements for composite panels. All this proportionally affects the aluminium composite panel price. It can be installed in almost any weather, but it is still better to do it in the daytime at above-zero temperatures without wind and precipitation.