Facts and features about pallet trucks that ought to be considered before purchasing

A pallet truck is a tool used for lifting and moving goods. It is mostly used in storehouses for moving goods withinthe confines of the storehouse. Its use has been very beneficial as it does extreme work thus reducing the use of more human labour.Hence, it has been rated as the best in lifting loads off the ground. This article will expand in detail the features to look out for to suit the kind of work you want to be done.

In the market today, various types of pallet trucks have different features. For one purchasing it for the first time may find it hard to get what they desire. Thus in this article, features to consider before purchasing a pallet truck have been broken down to get the best for your type of work.

The size in regards to the length and width

A pallet truck size in regards to the length and width is a factor to consider. This is because the size of the keyword pallets fork in regards to its length and width will determine the size and type of your pallets to be lifted. So if you have more pellets in your offing you will need to consider this important factor.

The capacity

If for example you have more loads to lift and are of greater rights it’s encouraged to purchase the large pallet trucks that would incorporate the weight and size.However, an increase in the capacity also leads to an increase in the pallet truck price in Kenya and viceversa.A mistake of buying a pallet truck that has less capacity than your goods would cause safety problems not only to the user but also the goods. Hence it’s important to take into consideration the capacity.

The pallet truck wheels

The movement of your pallet truck in your storehouse is greatly determined by the type of wheels the pallet truck uses.Buying a pallet truck with the wrong type of wheels will either damage your storehouse or endanger floor goods by impairing movement. Thus it is best to look for wheels that would not damage the floors of your storehouse as well as protect your goods.

The weight

This is another thing to put into consideration. The weight of the pallet truck should be checked as it adds to the total weight of the goods to be lifted.Hence, if the weight of the loadand that of the pallet truck exceeds that of the floor the damage would be unavoidable.Thus while purchasing you should look into the weight of the pallet truck to safeguard your storehouse floor.

Power intake

The majority of the pallet trucks depends on the physical input of the operator.This is cheap and a reliable option but for successive loading of the goods you may become fatigued. Thus for situations where heavy loading is needed motorised pallet truck may be more suitable. However, it comes with more power intake and is also costly but delivers a well-done job.


As explained above the features of a pallet truck greatly determine the type of work that would be done and the labour force required. Thus it is important that one adheres to the above features and factors before purchasing his or her taste.


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