Hair extensions are trending nowadays. You can get long hair or any desired hairstyle for any function while enjoying your short hair. Here are a few types of hair extensions for your help. Know your hair type and get your extensions accordingly.



Real human hair extensions are the most demanded extensions than the other synthetic types. These are made directly from real hairs. Some people donate hair while others are made from the leftover hair after a haircut. You can dye these extensions in any color you want. Try to avoid the tape area as the dye can lead to damage to the tape which causes problems in attachment. These are the most natural-looking extensions and can be added to hair in strand forms which gives a natural and real look. They are available in different types like straight to tight curls and different sizes. Also, you can prefer Clip In Hair Extensions that make your hair looks beautiful.



Synthetic hair extensions are a good choice for those who are unfamiliar with hair styling or don’t have enough time to style them daily. Their timing is different. If used properly and no heat styling is done then they last up to 6 months. While those which require heat styling daily lasts from 2 to 4 months.  They do not fall off easily in humidity or rain. They have more shine and do not get frizzy or dry easily. They do not look as real as real human hair extensions because they do not blend well with the hair.



Clip-in hair extensions last longer than other hair extensions. They usually have a life of about 12 months if they are taken good care of. Just like natural hair, they need some extra care. If they are not used with proper care, they last from 4 to 6 months. But they are too heavy to carry in your daily routine. They normally put about 160 to 180 grams of weight on your which cause serious damage to them. They leave gaps on your scalp when you pull off the extensions. So, try to go for the ones that do not cause damage to your hair and are safe to use.



Sew-in hair extensions are made out of natural human hair so look more real and natural with your hair. They also last longer without any damage. They should not be worn regularly. Like if you wear them for three to four months in one go, give a gap of at least one to two months. This leads to proper hair growth. If they are used regularly without any gap, they can retard the natural growth of your hair. You can shampoo and condition them whenever there is a need to get them washed.


Tape-in extensions are quite safe to use as compared to other extensions and do not cause any damage when taken proper care. They use adhesive tape which requires no heat for attachment. The adhesive tape lets your hair grow naturally without causing any growth retardation problems. You can wash them with shampoo whenever you want but try to keep the tape dry because wet tape cannot attach to your hair. Another important step is to brush your gently at roots because the tape is attached to your roots. So, brushing them aggressively can cause damage to your extensions and your hair.



Infusion extensions, the hairs are added strand by strand to your hair. The process is done by using a keratin-based tip that uses heat to fuse the keratin with your hair and to give a long-lasting attachment. As keratin is the main element of our hair so fusion hair extensions are safe and comfortable to wear. They last from 4 to 6 months depending on the care. They do not cause any serious damage to your hair. But if your hair is already damaged due to heat fusion extensions may not suit your hair. So know your hair type and consult with your stylist or from where you are going to get extensions.



Wigs are of two types; real human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. Real human hair wigs fall and swing just like natural hairs do. While synthetic wigs do not look as real as real human hair wigs do. Real wigs cost more than synthetic wigs. You can wear them for your daily use. They are safe to use and also do not stop your natural hair growth. The most interesting feature is that you can wear them on your own and do not have to visit salons daily. They are easy to wear and take off. You can wash them and condition them regularly. It is hard to sleep or swim while wearing wigs because they would come off in both cases.



There are different types of hair extensions based on the time duration and type of attachments. You can choose them according to your hair type. If you are looking for long lasting hair extensions go for real human hair extensions and for temporary use you can use wigs and tape-in extensions. But the lasting time of any type of hair extensions depend on the care taken and precautionary measures. If they are not given proper treatment and care they last less than the expected time. So every type of extensions needs proper care and when you start using them there is no come back.


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