Fantastic Christmas Gift Ideas – Escape Room Fanatics

You might feel a bit overwhelmed as the holiday season approaches. There are bound to be someone out there who likes to be trapped. Let us help solve the mystery in choosing the right escape room-related gift for this season.

5 Great Escape Room Gifts

1 Escape Game Merchandise Cards

Paranoia Quest’s escape game ticket is probably the best gift you could give an escape-room lover. These immersive experiences combine teamwork, problem solving, adventure, and guaranteed fun for an hour. To accomplish their missions, players need to find clues, crack codes or solve puzzles.

You can give an experience at Escape Game by buying a single-player Gift Card. Paranoia Quest gift vouchers are valid for one individual to be played in person at any one of our 22 locations. These gift certificates are non-expiring, which is the best feature!

Individuals have the option to book an escape room atlanta with their gift cards online, over-the-phone, or in person at a Paranoia Quest venue.

These are some of our most loved Escape Game rooms.

Prison Break: Wrongfully charged with a crime but sentenced to life in prison without parole, players must escape their cells from the notoriously cruel warden.

The Heist — A recently stolen painting is thought to be kept within the museum’s office of Vincent Hahn. With the help a spy agent outside, players will be able to retrieve the painting from Hahn’s office and allow it to slip away.

2. Virtual Escape Room

Sometimes, it’s not possible for everyone to get together for the holidays. It’s possible to bridge the gap by playing virtual escape games. It can be played on Zoom.

Remote Escapes is a physical escape room from Paranoia Quest and can be played via Zoom. The escape room has a Game Guide who acts as the team’s ears and hands. Your Game Guide will do the legwork while you do the brainwork. The Host guides the group and provides any instructions or clues they need.

3. Unlocked

Unlocked allows you to escape from the outside world if the weather is too cold. This series of online mystery games allows players to crack codes, discover clues, and solve puzzles through an entirely online dashboard.

Unlocked offers players the ability to stop or start the game at will, rather than a standard escape room game. Unlocked allows you to save your progress and resume where you left off. So you don’t have to host the experience, you can just do it yourself!

Unlocked is an excellent gift option for anyone who wishes to give a secret spy dossier, and send them on a mission.

4. The Escape Game Show

Escape Game Show can be described as a virtual version or a classic game show. Over Zoom, your host will explain how the game works and then divide up the players into two teams. Then, its 60-minutes of toe-toe gameplay.

With rounds like Phrase Craze & Say What? Escape Game Show’s Puzzle Pyramid and Phrase Crazy rounds will bring everyone together for a fun holiday party. It’s also easy to set up, so it’s quick to get to work!

While this game is great all year, we recommend that you check out the Holiday Game Show. It is an excellent gift for friends and family because it can be played together. It is perfect for family time during the holidays!


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