Features of Vograce Custom Kiss Cut Sticker Sheet

Vograce is a custom sticker company with an extensive range of sticker sheets. These include custom cut stickers and die-cut stickers. They also offer additional backing paper for added protection. They ship worldwide and charge a fair price. However, there are several things to consider before placing an order with Vograce.

Die-cut stickers

Vograce custom kiss cut sticker sheet feature die-cut stickers with extra space around the edges to make them easier to peel. They also feature a more comprehensive backing paper, making applying easier. These stickers’ ability to create a crisp, clean look is a vital benefit. Also, die-cut stickers can be produced in any shape and size, which makes them more economical than printed stickers.

Vograce custom stickers are available in a variety of materials, including vinyl. While vinyl stickers can be costly, die-cut stickers are less expensive and have a long shelf life. They can be custom-shaped and sized, and they’re also more durable than conventional stickers.

Typically, die-cut stickers feature a white border around the image area. This border helps the sticker stand out against a background and compensates for any irregularities that may occur during the cutting process. Typically, the cut line is 1/16″ or 1/8″ thick, depending on the image file size.

Vograce custom kiss cut sticker sheets are made from various materials, including clear BOPP, matte paper, metallic paper, and white BOPP. Matte paper is similar to standard paper but has an adhesive backing. They’re perfect for displaying artwork on vehicles, windows, and other surfaces.

Die-cut stickers are designed to cut through the backing paper and are a great way to customize stickers. Vograce offers holographic stickers, which create a rainbow-like effect when viewed from different angles. Holographic stickers also come in a matte finish, which is flat and non-reflective. These stickers are more affordable than their holographic counterparts. They require less material and labour.

Die-cut stickers have many advantages. They are customizable and allow you to make them in just a few minutes. You can send your design to a die-cut sticker printer and receive a print proof within 24/48 hours. This ensures quality and speedy delivery. Die-cut stickers can add a decorative element to your product, such as a kiosk or rack. They can also serve as a protective barrier for products.

The quality of the stickers is outstanding. The details are very sharp. And the material is thick and does not bend. It feels sturdy and durable, and the holographic effect is a nice touch. These stickers are a definite 10/10. These stickers are the perfect option if you want to add more personalized details to your products.

Die-cut stickers are also a great promotional tool. Not only are they easy to apply, but they can be used on various surfaces. They also have a higher perceived value than standard stickers. They are also easier to remove than other forms of sticker paper. They can also be used as giveaways to promote your brand. They do have a few disadvantages, however.

Additional backing paper

When you order a custom kiss cut sticker sheet from Vograce, you can choose from different materials, such as white BOPP, metallic, or matte paper. The latter is similar to standard paper but contains an adhesive backing. If you want to print on both sides, you can choose a matte finish, which is less expensive than the holographic version.

Vograce custom kiss cut sticker sheet has an extra backing paper around the edges, which makes them easy to peel off and apply. It also has a square or rectangular backing that makes it easy for the corners to pop up. It is also more durable and resistant to sunlight, heat, and water.

The additional backing paper helps to preserve the intricate artwork of the stickers. It also makes it easier to apply and remove them. It also saves time, as there is less cutting required. It is a better alternative to traditional custom cut stickers. The additional backing paper helps to prevent the stickers from being ripped or damaged during application.


Vograce makes custom kiss cut sticker sheets from a variety of different materials. These materials include clear BOPP, matte paper, and metallic paper. Matte paper is similar to standard paper but has an adhesive backing. The other two options are metallic and white. While the latter two options are a little more expensive, the former is much cheaper per sheet.

Custom stickers are perfect for displaying on various surfaces, including a vehicle’s window, bumper, or car door. They’re durable and will last for two years. You can even upload your design and customize the sticker for your vehicle. The price of a sheet of Vograce stickers is reasonable, and you can get an expert’s assistance to design the perfect stickers for your vehicle.

They make it easy to show your support for your favorite team

Whether you are a sports team or a business organization fan, custom sticker sheets are a great way to show your support. A reputable sticker company like Vograce will use cutting-edge printing technologies to create stickers that perfectly suit your needs. The company also offers a range of customization options to help you get the exact look you want.

Kiss cut sticker sheets allow you to choose the exact shape and design you want. Unlike other forms of sticker printing, kiss-cut stickers maintain the border around the shape. When applied, kiss-cut stickers leave the border intact, giving you plenty of room to add a unique design or promotional message.

A great sticker company should offer an extensive selection of stickers and top-quality customer service. Vograce offers customized sticker sheets that look great and provide personalized attention for each customer. Their custom stickers are a great way to show your support for your favorite team and show your pride in your team. You can also create metallic effects with white printing. So your custom kiss cut stickers will remain water-resistant and look beautiful.


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