Feminized seeds

The cultivation of feminized seeds joined the cannabis scene in the late 1900s. Growers no longer had to wait until the vegetation stage to see which half of their crops they would need to dispose of.

The availability of feminized marijuana seeds revolutionized the growing of marijuana in abundance since they only produce female plants that hold the yields we eagerly seek.

Attending to the crops’ light requirements will allow their photoperiod characteristics to flourish, resulting in robust plants with tons of buds.

Sativa, indica, ruderalis, autoflower, photoperiod—join us as we discover how each of these contributes to the successful development of popular feminized cannabis seeds.

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What are feminized seeds?

Feminized seeds produce female plants. Though not around since the beginning of time like regular seeds, growing programs have allowed for the dawn of new ways to cultivate cannabis.

By cultivating female crops, growers can avoid wasting valuable time sorting through all the plants to remove the males. Preventing the pollination of female plants reduces the risk of smaller yields and colas filled with seeds.

Cannabis cultivators use feminized seeds to produce female plants with resin-covered buds. They were initially created with photoperiod flowering characteristics, but as breeders experienced strain crossing, others entered the market.

Growing cannabis comes from the attributes of photoperiod or auto-flowering strains. Each contributes to the way feminized marijuana seeds thrive throughout their life cycle. Indica- or sativa-leaning varieties further classify the plants.


The tall photoperiod plants rely on a change of light cycle to progress to the vegetative stage. Decreasing the daily outdoor light exposure to 15 hours activates vegetation. As soon as the cycle changes from 12 light to 12 dark in an indoor setting, the plants become vegetative.


Feminized seeds holding auto-flowering traits will grow into short compact plants. Due to the input of ruderalis characteristics, they don’t need a change in light cycle to begin vegetating. Crops maintaining this flowering trait are easy to grow due to their low maintenance requirements.


Indica strains grow into short and bushy crops with broad leaves and dense buds. They mature faster than sativa plants and have higher levels of CBD. Notoriously known for their relaxed, sedative, and calming effects. It’s best to consume indica strains at night.


Plants cultivated from feminized sativa seeds grow tall and thin with slender leaves and less dense bud production. Their THC content is higher than indica cultivars, and their effects are euphoric, cerebral buzzes coupled with energetic, upbeat moods. A daytime strain because of its stimulating qualities.


The toughest yet most infamous strain that holds the hardiest characteristics. Ruderalis crops were the first marijuana strains to grace the cannabis world with their presence. These low-maintenance plants can survive growth stages independently with little to no help from cultivators.

Regular seeds vs. feminized

Regular seeds vs. feminized seeds both hold valuable traits that appeal to cultivators’ needs. If your goal is to breed cannabis crops from existing plants uninterruptedly, regular seeds are your best choice.

Cultivating feminized marijuana seeds ensures a garden full of colas, producing buds in abundance.

Regular seeds Feminized seeds
The original seeds that started the world of cannabis. Come from two exclusive clones
Used when wanting to create new strains with the seeds produced by the male plants. Cultivators to use when wanting to harvest the buds for recreational or medicinal purposes.
Originate from pure, natural developed seeds from mother nature. Growers use a process that forces female plants to produce pollen sacs that then produce feminized cannabis seeds
Regular seeds produce both male and female crops resulting in a smaller yield. Only produces female plants resulting in larger yields.
Consumes a lot of growers’ time sifting through the crops to differentiate between the two sexes. Twice as many seeds are grown because of the disposal of male plants. 99.9% chance of full female crop production eliminates the sifting process of male plants.
The male plants that grow from regular seeds produce seeds and pollinate females to produce more seeds and not flowers (buds) Crops from feminized seeds don’t have male counter plants to pollinate them in a growing space and therefore only produce buds and not seeds.

Feminized seeds vs. auto-flowering

Feminized seeds vs. auto-flowering produce crops in their unique ways. Cultivating either is ideal for beginners or expert growers, and both hold beneficial characteristics.

Below we compare the two:

Feminized seeds Auto-flowering seeds
Flowering time is generally 12–20 weeks between germination and harvest time. Fewer yields per annum for growers. Faster flowering time. With a flowering period of 8–12 weeks, cultivators can expect to harvest generous buds throughout the year.
Needs a change in light cycle to begin flowering. Reducing light exposure from 18 to 12 hours encourages the flowering of feminized seeds. Flowering automatically begins without a change in light cycle. They usually begin to flower 2–4 weeks after planting the seeds.
Produces larger plants with bigger yields and is perfect for growing outdoors. Crops are smaller with less yield than those produced from feminized cannabis seeds, making them suitable for indoor growing mediums.
Suitable choice for cultivators seeking maximum potency and robust plants with generous yield production who don’t mind the maintenance schedules that come with growing feminized marijuana seeds Autoflower seeds are perfect for novice growers who still need to find their feet regarding growth patterns, light cycles, space regulations before harvesting their bountiful yields.
Crops produce fewer leaves and more buds. Crops produce more leaves and fewer buds.

How are feminized seeds made?

Buying feminized cannabis seeds from reputable and trusted seed stores like Homegrown Cannabis Co. is easy and convenient. But you can do this yourself using various methods like:


A natural but slightly ineffective way to feminize your crops is using rodelization. This method keeps the marijuana plants in their flowering states and relies on self progression. When exposing the cultivar to severe stress, pollen sacs develop.

Colloidal silver

Creating marijuana feminized seeds this way uses 99.9% silver found in colloidal silver. After flowers appear, the cannabis plants need daily sprinkling with this solution. After about 10–14 days, male pollen sacs become visible.

When it’s time for harvesting, the pockets will swell and open. The spritzing of colloidal silver will further open the sacs, allowing you to collect the female pollen inside.

The pollen is used to fertilize other female plants in the flowering stage. Roughly six weeks post pollination, the femme plant’s calyx increases in size, and the seeds are ready for harvest.

How to germinate feminized cannabis seeds

Germinating your feminized seeds is the first step in your growing journey. An easy way to achieve this is through the paper towel method.

You’ll need:

  • Two plates
  • Four paper towels
  • Feminized marijuana seeds
  • Purified water


  1. Soak the four paper towels in the purified water.
  2. Place two of the towels onto one of the plates and put the seeds on top of it, spacing them an inch apart. Put the other two paper towels over the seeds.
  3. Use the other plate to cover the seeds to create a dark environment.
  4. Store the covered seeds in a space that maintains a temperature of at least 70–85℉.
  5. Check your seeds daily to ensure that the towels are still wet.
  6. Within 3–10 days, the seeds should begin sprouting.
  7. Once the taproot appears, it’s ready to be planted into the soil.

It’s vital to keep the taproot sterile so that the growth patterns aren’t affected, so try not to touch it during repotting.

How to grow feminized seeds

After following through with the germination process of the seeds, growing feminized seeds is the next phase.

Once you’ve removed the taproot from the paper towels, you need to plant it into the soil.

Here’s how:

  1. Fill a pot plant with potting soil and drizzle it with water.
  2. Create a hole about ¼ inch into the soil using a pen.
  3. Use a tweezer to remove the seed from the paper towel and gently place it into the hole with the taproot facing downward.
  4. Cover it with soil.
  5. Check the saturation of the soil daily—if it’s too dry, spray it with water.
  6. Within a week after transplant, the seedling should appear from the soil.

From there on, the growing journey begins with your feminized cannabis seeds. There are vital points to keep in check while nurturing your plants.

  • The prime temperature to grow feminized seeds in is 21℉.
  • Keeping the humidity levels under control is important. During their vegetative stage, they prefer more humid environments. Throughout flowering, keep levels at 40–50% to prevent the onset of mold and mildew.
  • Use nutrient-rich soil to grow your crops. From seed to harvest, ensure the plant receives enough nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.
  • Regulate water pH levels for your soil between 6–7 to ensure good absorption by the roots.
  • Depending on your strain, check their plant training requirements like pruning, cropping, and defoliating.

4 of the best feminized seeds

Critical Blue feminized


Genetics Critical x Blueberry
Flowering type Photoperiod
THC 19–23%
Indoor yield 16–18 oz./m²
Outdoor yield 26 oz./plant
Growing difficulty ●      Medium growing difficulty due to strict maintenance needs.

●      Not suitable for beginners.

●      Grows well indoors and outdoors.

●      Flowers within 10–12 weeks.

Crops produced from Critical Blue feminized seeds are indica dominant hybrids that grow into short, compact plants. The beautiful cola presents itself with sparkling trichomes and large dense buds that’ll have you stocked up for days.

Sweet notes of berries infused with a citrus scent fill the air after an exhale. The taste buds don’t fall behind as they revel in sweet berry-like fruity flavors. Due to the high THC content, expect quite a kick from toking on this strain.

Best consumed when you’re ready to call it a day. A sudden rush of euphoria follows the cerebral high. Your body engages itself into an absolute state of calm, leaving you well relaxed and ready for bed.

Crystal feminized seeds

Genetics Northern Lights x White Widow
Flowering type Photoperiod
THC 21–25%
Indoor yield 14–17 oz./m²
Outdoor yield 26 oz./plant
Growing difficulty ●      Easy to grow strain for beginners.

●      Indoor grow use sea of green system.

●      Grows well in sunny outdoor climates.

●      Flowers within 8–10 weeks.

Crops produced from Crystal feminized cannabis seeds boast crystal-like trichomes that are the main reason for its potent buzz.

Cultivators can enjoy growing this short but stern plant from feminized seeds without the hassle of removing male plants at flowering stage.

Although an indica dominant strain, its sativa side shines through slightly with euphoric effects and a blissful uplifted spirit. Relaxed feelings gradually sweep over the body.

Toking on a crystal blunt is best enjoyed in the latter half of the day when you’re ready to sit back and relax.

Bubba Kush feminized seeds

Genetics OG Kush x Afghan
Flowering type Photoperiod
THC 14–19%
Indoor yield 3–7 oz./m²
Outdoor yield 3–7 oz./plant
Growing difficulty ●      Easy to grow and hassle-free strain for beginners.

●      Crops can thrive in any environment.

●      Best for indoor growing using the sea of green system with low-stress maintenance.

●      Flowers within 8–9 weeks

Crops cultivated from Bubba Kush feminized seeds mature into short, compact plants showing their sparkly trichomes loaded with sticky resin buds.

Its indica dominance enhances the relaxed body stone but not enough to get you locked to your couch. The mind is induced by a cerebral high joined by subtle euphoria leaving you feeling blissful in a stress-free moment.

Enjoy the full-bodied chocolate-laced coffee aromas that diffuse from the smoke after an exhale. You can detect some sweet hash notes if you’re doing a deep inhale. It’s a double-take on the flavors since it draws through the same scents to the tastebuds.

Chocolope x Kush feminized seeds

Genetics Choco Candy x OG Kush
Flowering type Photoperiod
THC 21–25%
Indoor yield 14–17 oz./m²
Outdoor yield 26 oz./plant
Growing ●      Medium growing difficulty.

●      Rapid growth rate indoors in hydroponics setup and outdoors in a warm Mediterranean climate.

●      Flowers within 8–9 weeks.

Crops produced from Chocolope x Kush feminized seeds provide you with magnificent colas showing off their resin-coated nugs in abundance. The broad foliage allows for enough light absorption, and thanks to the equally balanced leaf to bud volume, defoliation isn’t necessary.

Sativa leaning characteristics provide the euphoric effects of this cultivar. A sense of calm and relaxation that envelopes the body leads to a smooth, sedative sleep.

Flavors and aromas associated with this strain are kush-infused, earth hash scents with traces of chocolate blended coffee. You get subtle notes of pine and nuts upon an exhale.

Where to buy feminized seeds

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Feminized seeds—the wanted!

When all you want is a lush garden filled with bountiful yields, growing cannabis crops from feminized seeds can be a delight. With the assurance of only having female plants, you won’t have to remove unwanted plants after weeks of growing them.

With an array of options available, how do you choose the best feminized cannabis seeds to grow? Weigh up your options by selecting whether auto-flowering or regular is best for you. Decide if you want a sedative couch-lock or euphoric buzz kind of toke.

The options are limitless and never run out. Start with one strain, and as your growing and toking preferences change, head on over to Homegrown Cannabis Co. and stock up with new feminized seeds.