Few basic tips we have to follow when going for MBBS in the Philippines

More than 10000 foreign students go to the Philippines to pursue their MBBS. Indians alone constitute more than 3000 MBBS students there. The main reasons for the Philippines being a preferred destination to study MBBS are many. Here are few tips that should be followed when you go for MBBS in Philippines

Know the Official Language 

English is the official language, and the medium of instruction is also in English.

Understand the Climate

The climate in the Philippines is tropical, thereby making it an apt place for the study of tropical diseases as well.

Know the Recognition of the Degree

A medical degree from the Philippines is accepted globally. Even WHO and also the Medical Council of India recognize these degrees.

Understand the Chances of an Indian Student

There is an overall intake of around 10k students from foreign countries, out of which more than 30% are Indians. IELTS or TOEFL exams aren’t needed to take admission in the Philippines.

Know About the Education System

The medical education system followed in the Philippines is based on the US medical education system. Hence there is ample scope to get employed in countries like Australia, Canada, the USA, and the UK after completing your course here.

The quality of education imparted across the Philippines has been appreciated around the world. Therefore, no capitation fees or donation is required to study medicine here.

Understand the Cost of living in the Philippines

Know the cost of living in the Philippines. The cost of living in the Philippines is about 40% higher than that in India, although it is still lower than in many other countries. Most necessities are priced almost at par with India. Restaurant prices are maybe around 2% higher than in India. Transport seems to be far less costly than that in India. 

Clothing and accessories are priced more or less the same as in India. However, while the cost of indigenously manufactured electronics may be less, the charges for their use are about three times more than in India. So you need to understand how well to balance your cost layout.

Get Information About Facilities in the hostels.

Most of the colleges and universities have hostel facilities with constant surveillance. There are separate hostels for boys and girls. Some are within the campus itself, while others maybe just a little way from the campus.

Almost all the medical institutes in the Philippines provide Indian food. So that is another added advantage for Indian students.

There is a laundry service available in the hostel that charges on a per kilo basis.

Know about the Hostel Rooms

Usually, hostel rooms can be shared among 2, 3, or 4 students together, and each room comes with an attached bath. In addition, each student will get a bed, mattress, pillows, and a cupboard. However, electricity, internet, and such utilities can be availed at an extra charge.

Understanding these basic tips is necessary to avoid problems when you are in the Philippines for your MBBS. Follow them, and you will be good to go. 


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