FIFA World Cup 2022 Briefing : Which team will be the first surprise winner?






During the knockout stages of the World Cup, a few nations scored with elation. Not all nations had to overcome significant obstacles in order to advance to the knockout stages. One hundred million people voted for these matches, and the USA, Australia, Senegal, and Japan all have their exit stickers in place.

Spain and Russia are squaring off to close up the World Cup, which has no shocks left in it. Alongside them, Belgium, Brazil, England, and France will be seeking the final opportunity for glory. It is difficult not to appreciate this time of year when the finest teams are competing, and anything may happen.

In their first three group matches, Morocco went undefeated and won all three without conceding a single goal. Despite Hakim Ziyech’s return, it was his teammates’ outstanding performances that made headlines.

In the 2022 World Cup, the Moroccan national team hopes to remain unbeaten. In their last six knockout games, they have not conceded a single goal, making them the only team in this tournament to achieve this feat. As per the stat & prediction, Morocco would have to face La Liga’s team in order to qualify for the last 16, although it may help them advance.

La Furia Roja’s early-season performance has put them in jeopardy. They defeated Costa Rica 7-0 but struggled through the group rounds and faced European champion Germany. They needed a late equalizer to beat Japan. Unai Simón was responsible for Japan’s first goal, but his position is in jeopardy on Sunday. Whether it is David Rya of Brentford or Robert Sanchez of Huddersfield, the call will be monumental.

Portugal and Switzerland advanced from the group stage, while Ronaldo did not play a single second of the World Cup. Bruno Fernandes, Ronaldo’s former United colleague, is more essential to Portugal than Ronaldo. A World Cup success may reignite memories that made him “the next Pelé.”

It was another close game for Switzerland that resulted in a loss against Portugal, who won by two goals. In their past three knockout games, Switzerland has fallen short with extra-time defeats to Sweden and Argentina, as well as a penalty shootout defeat to Ukraine. They know how to be close but never get there!

As a result of recent events, it is difficult to predict the outcome of today’s match between the two teams. Football would greatly benefit from having a neutral in a competition like this, but since FIFA is in charge of organizing it, good things are unlikely to happen. There will hopefully be a good match that everyone will enjoy.

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