Find job in Oman

Sometimes looking for a job resembles the job itself. Every day from 8 to 18 you look through vacancies, send your resume, call, write, but there is no answer. And work too.

Why haven’t you found job in Oman yet?

1) Don’t know what exactly you are looking for. You don’t have a clear intention, so you are looking at alternatives and trade-offs.

2) In fact, you are not motivated by the vacancy for which you are applying. Most likely, professional burnout has occurred.

3) You can’t find job in Oman because your resume is a three to four page buffet. We borrowed this term from a colleague who specializes in CV editing. Your encounter is about everything and about anything in particular. It is no time to look for the necessary competencies for a vacancy in the resume. On average, it takes a recruiter one or two minutes to read a resume, and another 20 resume needs to be viewed.

4) You do not send employers letters of introduction that briefly describe the experience in relation to the requirements of a particular job.

What are the features of looking and getting a job in Oman?

1. Decide what role meets your interests, competencies, experience.

Conventionally, if you want to apply for the position of “Chief Financial Officer”, and your experience matches it, wait with compromise options, especially those that are lower in the hierarchy. When the main reference point is lost, there is a lack of self-confidence, which the employer feels. An employer needs an employee who can firmly defend experience and skills.

2. If you have diverse experience and are applying for different positions, create a resume for each vacancy, highlighting the relevant competencies and achievements.

  1. Highlight achievements as a separate item, better describe them in quantitative terms: reduced costs by 10%, increased profits by 30%, managed a team of 20 people. And so on for each place of work.
  2. A cover letter is written for every vacancy you apply for. Introduce yourself, declare your interest in a vacancy, answer the question “Why you?”
  3. First responses, you are invited for an interview. Time to do a professional self-audit. Make a SWOT analysis of yourself as a specialist: strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, risks. This is also preparation for the interview, you will definitely be asked about your strengths and weaknesses.
  4. If, after a SWOT analysis or a few interviews, you realize that you have chosen the wrong goal, do not persist.
  5. So, you’ve been invited for an interview.

Prepare a three-minute presentation about yourself in advance. You have a job description and experience. Tell the employer in a way that would be interesting to listen to you, focus on relevant work experience in other companies. Be sure to talk about the strengths that helped in the work, about the achievements that you are proud of.

  1. Study not only the activities of the company, but also the latest news before joining. Be prepared for the question: “Why did our company attract you?”

Such advice will definitely help you in getting vacancies in Oman, as this country can be strict sometimes, and if you are frivolous about the search- you wouldn’t achieve any success.



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