Find Real, Lasting Love: 4 Dating Tips for Strong Women

Amazing, strong women have so much to offer. But why do men disappear after a few weeks? And when independent women enter into a relationship, it seems to be always with the wrong man?

Finding the right partner is a long and complicated process, especially for a strong woman who needs a confident guy. But, you can do things to improve your dating life that doesn’t mean you settle for anything less than what you deserve.

Here are some tips to help an independent and strong woman like you find lasting love.

1. Don’t do everything for a man.

One mistake many strong women make is doing way too much in relationships. The very nature of a woman is nurturing. That’s why when you really care about a man, you easily start doing everything for him. You buy his groceries, cook for him, and even try to solve his problems.

Basically, you’re starting to act as the mother instead of a partner. Although your intentions are good, wanting to make him feel loved, being with you will seem like a vacation instead of work for him. What’s wrong with this is it’s easy for a man to take things for granted when he’s always in receiving mode.

A guy falls in love with a woman that he has to work hard to earn. He wants to be able to provide for you to feel like a man. When you indulge him and do all things for him, you make him feel like a boy. There are ways you can still show that you love him by not doing too much, such as:

  • Allow him to provide for you and show appreciation.
  • Praise him from time to time, whether it’s how safe he makes you feel or the little efforts he makes, like warming up your car up during cold winter.
  • Encourage him when he has problems like “I know you can do it because you’re strong and amazing!”

Being a strong woman doesn’t mean you have to do all things for your partner. You can be supportive instead and don’t solve his problems unless he asks you for help.

2. Be a good receiver.

As a strong woman, your intentions shouldn’t only be focused on the eagerness to please but also on listening and receiving from a man. A man takes pride in being a good provider, and by being a gracious receiver, you’re appreciating his efforts and honoring who you are.

When you’re grounded and know that you’re worthy of receiving lasting love, you can easily connect with a man who’s seeking your unique combination of strengths and vulnerabilities. As a good receiver, you don’t doubt your worth as a woman and let the man pursue you in a relationship.

3. Build a relationship with purpose.

A good man dating a strong woman shouldn’t only be emotionally available, but also willing to commit. Therefore, strong women shouldn’t waste their time going into relationships with married or committed men. If you want a man you can build a life with, look for someone who isn’t wasting your time and emotions for mere self-gratification.

Strong women deserve a man of integrity who can respect independence in the relationship. Also, you make sure to be honest about who you are and communicate clearly what you want in the relationship. Don’t ignore red flags, and always trust your instincts as a woman.

When you date a man, don’t just go for someone who can make you feel butterflies in your stomach. Remember, attraction is only temporary, and you’ll need more time to know for sure that he’s the one you’d want to spend the rest of your life with. Don’t be so readily available to create some mystery and foster the time to reflect on the relationship.

4. Set realistic boundaries and standards.

Being realistic in relationships doesn’t mean you need to have low standards — they’re two different things. There’s nothing wrong with strong women to expect the best and have a basic set of expectations in a relationship, as long as they’re things they’re also willing to do in return. But if you’re tired of getting your hopes up only to be let down, you can create realistic standards for relationships without lowering your standards drastically.

Every person has a responsibility to maintain healthy boundaries in a relationship. Having healthy boundaries means you have the balance of giving and receiving from your partner. It may be wonderful to spend plenty of quality time together, but it’s also necessary to be independent and spend time apart.

Remember that as human as we are, even strong men aren’t perfect. Make a list of standards you can accept, then remove those you think are too much and can hinder finding the right guy.

Are You Ready To Change the Way You Think?

The advice in this article isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, so don’t expect it to work for you. Evanmarckatz.com helps smart, strong, successful women gain their confidence back by attracting good men and teaching you how to choose the right partner for you.

Being strong and successful isn’t enough to get the long-term partner of your dreams. Every lasting relationship requires hard work, if you need an in-depth guide, a dating expert can help.


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