Find Your Perfect Dressing Table Online

Mirror, mirror on the wall, can we get it perfect buying online at all? If this is a question you’ve asked yourself worried about not making the right purchase online as opposed to walking into retail- you are not alone. Most often, consumers prefer being able to physically assess a product, browse through items walking in and out of multiple stores, and last, but not least, to be able to negotiate a deal. Especially when it comes to picking a dresser. You want the perfect size, apt storage options, and compartments, compact yet sturdy with a mirror that doesn’t lie (you are beautiful!). So how can one go about finding the perfect dressing table online with all these requirements? Reputable brands like Wakefit make the online buying experience simple, easy, and abundant with style options.

A dressing table

A vanity table or a dresser is a dedicated piece of furniture that stores all your jewelry, cosmetics, and other grooming knick-knacks used on a daily basis. While some of these can be displayed on the table, others are meant to be stored away in a drawer or compartment for their precious nature. Originally developed at the beginning of the 17th century in Europe, this piece of furniture was considered as a mark of social standing. The more intricate the design and craftsmanship, the higher value and fashionable it was considered.

In today’s world, a dresser is an absolute must for anyone who wants to dedicate time and space for self-grooming. Whether it is a traditional wooden dressing table with a mirror or a built-in dresser in your wardrobe, it’s important to choose one based on a few factors.

How to choose the best dressing table online?

Before you start browsing online, it’s best to start with the tips below.

  • Declutter

We are all guilty of piling on items that you think you are going to use at some point. Re-evaluating your cosmetics, accessories, and jewelry will allow you to understand how much space you actually need. This includes compartments and tabletop space.

  • Allocate space and function

Are you someone who jumps out of the shower and slips into your outfit, quickly fixing yourself under the bathroom spotlights? Or do you prefer to have a bespoke space within your bedroom with close access to your clothes wardrobe? Pick one that suits you best to finalize on style. Do not forget to size up the space you currently have too.

  • Lighting and décor

How much lighting do you need and what is the color theme that’ll marry your dresser to the rest of the room? This includes the style you’d like to choose- minimalist, bohemian, simple, vintage- the world is your oyster!

Next, here are some stylish ideas trending in dressing tables, particularly in bedroom décor.

1)    Wall mounted dressing table

The perfect space-saving solution, a wall-mounted dressing table is compact, sleek, and stylish. Not only does it maximize the airiness of the room but even stands out as an eye-catching wall décor piece with its mirror and table. Incorporate the modern minimalist look with a vintage mirror and a neat wall-mounted dressing table at the bottom. You’ll have the best of both worlds with design, décor, and storage space!

2)    Multi-functional dressing table

Yet another space-saving solution, if you are really tight on floor space- this one’s for you. A multi-functional dressing table is a boon when you want a dedicated space for self-grooming yet want to use the table for minimal work like journaling, replying to emails, etc.

3)    Open shelved dressers

Want a bedroom wall mounted dressing table but with a stylish and extraordinary look? Why not opt for open shelved dressers that consist of open wooden shelves put together adjacent to a mirror mounted on the wall too? The beauty of this look is that you can mix and match open shelves based on requirements and have organizers to hold jewelry, make-up tools, and all other precious things. It’s open, easily visible to the eye, and reach. Add stylish wall décor like the Wakefit Macbeth Wall shelf that adds personality to the open shelf space concept.

4)    Mirror finish dressers

This seems to be trending the most with dressing tables that are completely made of mirrors (including the chest of drawers) with an inbuilt mirror framed with wood. The mirrored feature can instantly brighten up the room and give a luxurious feel.

Dressers can be personalized with the items you place on them. It works as a great display of your select personal belongings. Whichever you choose, choosing online from brands like Wakefit ensures you get excellent quality furniture at an attractive price. Being the direct manufacturers, online stores do not have a middle man cost and can therefore offer one of the most attractive pricing for a top-class product. Start planning your dresser, start with choosing the best online.


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