First Home Furnishings – 6 Tips for Kitting Out Your New Home on a Tight Budget

Moving into a new home is exciting. The prospect of decorating the rooms and making them your own can be exhilarating. With that said, filling a new home can also cause a bit of sticker shock if you aren’t prepared. They say the average homeowner spends about $8,000 furnishing a new home, which is steep, to say the least.

If that number is a tad out of your price range, don’t fret. You can still outfit your new home in style. Follow the tips below to kit out your new home on a tight budget:

1. Shop Online

If you aren’t concerned about seeing and touching products in person before buying them, you can find great deals online. Kitchen equipment and supplies are great examples. You’ll find plenty of cookware sets on sale and lots of options to choose from in terms of dishes, glasses, and other kitchen must-haves.

Tip: pay attention to shipping costs as they can sometimes be high.

2. Shop Thrift Stores

You never know what lovely gems you’ll find at your local thrift stores. Their stock changes almost daily, and it’s a sure bet you’ll find everything you need at a price you can afford. Thrift stores are a lot of fun, and they offer lots of fantastic deals.

Tip: visit several thrift stores in search of the items you need or want for your home. Someone else’s donation is sure to be your treasure!

3. Look for Free Stuff

Many people give away stuff they no longer want or use. Watch Freecycle and the Buy, Sell, & Trade groups on Facebook (your local area probably has at least one) for things people are giving away or selling for a bargain price. If you’re willing to go pick it up right away, you can score some pretty awesome upgrades for your home.

4. Use Discounted Gift Cards

Whether you’re looking for a top-quality aromatherapy diffuser or a comfy new mattress, sites like Gift Card Granny and Cardpool may be able to get you a bargain. These websites sell gift cards at a discounted price. You’ll find gift cards for all kinds of department and furniture stores. In some cases, you can pick up a $100 gift card for just $45. That’s a 55% saving!

5. Don’t Ignore Big Box Stores

Many people think the only place to find quality furniture is at a well-known store. The reality is, these pieces are usually quite expensive, even when they run promotions. If you find that you still can’t afford the cheapest sofa a furniture store sells, try checking big box stores like Big Lots or Walmart.

Tip: Watch for sales. You can often get that sofa you’ve been wanting for less if you’re patient.

6. Visit Estate Sales and Garage Sales

This one is an extension of the thrift store tip – you never know what fun and useful things you’re going to find at an estate sale or garage sale. Most people who host such events are hoping to get rid of all their unwanted stuff, so they’ll let it go for next to nothing just to free themselves of it. You’ve got the advantage when shopping at these venues.

Tip: don’t be afraid to haggle. If you think something is a little too pricey, ask the seller if they’ll take less. Chances are, they will!

Moving into a new home is exciting, but it can quickly become stressful if it blows out your budget. To avoid this, follow the tips above when filling your house with the items that will turn it into a home.


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