First-time weed users: Common mistakes people make while smoking marijuana

Are you planning to start consuming marijuana for relaxation? or if you are trying for the first time and want to know how it works but are still confused and skeptical about starting, then this is the right place to understand all about it.

Frequent marijuana users have different anecdotes attached to different buds and products affecting them differently. Hence it is necessary to know that your first-time experience might be different from others. But it is worth trying. You can learn from the experience of other marijuana users so you would know what to expect when consuming a particular strain. You can go through all the benefits of different strains, read reviews about each strain and then go for the marijuana strain that you find suitable for you.

How to buy weed?

Buying marijuana is not a big deal today. You can go to a store nearby and Buy the strain that you find suitable. If you are not interested in buying weed from a store or you have some other issues that don’t allow you to drive your vehicle to the store, you can always go for online weed stores or weed delivery apps. You can always open your weed app and browse for different options available with the store and place your order. Once you do that and the app confirms your order, it will bring the stuff you order directly to you wherever you are. They can always track the location of your phone and deliver weed to you without any issues.

After you buy your stuff, you have to keep certain things in mind when you want to start consuming weed by Ingestion or vaping. People have often spoken about difficulties and troubles they face when they Smoke for the first time. Some even say that they quit the idea of using marijuana because they could not smoke weed properly for the first time. Smoking for the first time can be difficult. You might find certain issues, and it might also be possible that you are not able to smoke for the first time at all. But the problem is only with the technique or method you are using; it has nothing to do with you. It would be best if you do not give up the thought of using weed for these small mistakes that can happen to anyone.

Here are some of the mistakes that people can avoid and have a good first experience.

● You won’t get high the first time.

This is one of the most common misconceptions that people have about weed usage. Many still go with the misconception that the first time you smoke, you won’t feel anything. This is a myth that people should take out of their minds. Even first-time users smoking marijuana will have easy to extreme effects depending on how much and for how long you have been smoking pot and how your body reacts to it. To ensure that you don’t go on consuming more than you need on the first day, you should start by shopping for fewer quantities. For example, when you open your weed app, you can mention that you need a product and mention the quantity needed, too, so you don’t end up overusing it.

● Confused between Indicas and Sativas

To roughly quote the difference, Indica has a comparatively milder body high while the Sativa has an intense high feeling. However, both of them have separate unique qualities that make them special. You can’t just read about the intensity of body high created by both and decide. It would be best if you considered smoking both these strains and then decided which one you like the most. Stop thinking about “which dispensaries near me can help with this” and go for online shopping to avoid any confusion.

● Discarding the stems

This is another common mistake that most first-time users make while consuming cannabis. People who are not aware of the THC level present in the stems might just use the leaves and flowers and discard the stem or throw it away. The stem of the flower used has a good moderate amount of THC present in them; hence you can always use this part to get your relaxation and satisfaction. If not by smoking, you can always create something new with the stems, like preparing stem tea or stem-infused cocktails, which might also provide you a similar kind of high as the flower.


When you are a first-time user, you might have a lot of questions in your mind. You might have confusion regarding the use of weed for the first time on your body. But you have to stop thinking about the minor skepticism you have about weed and start looking for the benefits it gives you. Don’t let the confusion overpower your decision to smoke weed. If not, then you will miss a whole new world of relaxation and Recreation. You will never know what you are capable of until you open these doors.


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