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Right to Live a Normal Life

Being disabled is not an easy thing; they have to suffer many difficulties in their daily lives. They are also part of our society, so we must make them feel equal to normal human beings, even being disabled. So, keeping this thing in mind, Manafeth Mobility and Medical Wheelchair Lifts provides you with a vast range of disabled access lifts, which are available for residential and commercial installations.

Quality-Engineered Lifts

These quality-engineered lifts are now there to meet all your accessibility needs and form the best low-maintenance access solution. These amazing wheelchair lifts are effortless to use and incredibly versatile, ranging from stair lifts and step lifts to disabled wheelchair lifts, including home wheelchair lifts. There is a vast collection of such wheelchair lifts for outdoor and indoor disabled access lifts to overcome any problem.

Different wheelchair Lifts Designed to Meet Different Requirements

Different disabled people are differently disabled, and not only one type of wheelchair lift would be suitable for them. There are several wheelchair lifts for vehicles we will talk about. By this, you will know the different features of different wheelchair lifts for vehicles so that you will easily find the best one for your use. Let’s discuss the best and incredibly versatile wheelchair lifts for vehicles in the UAE by

Wheelchair Lift for Van

When being disabled, you are worried about your personal mobility needs; then, the Brayn Series wheelchair lift is an economical solution for all your individual mobility needs. This fantastic dual hydraulic lifting arm facilitates the disabled during the drive and lets them have a safe and smooth ride. Three standard controls collectively control the lift operation, and these include:

  1. hand-held control
  2. The on-lift controls
  3. An optional remote control

Vans are considered to be the best vehicle for its installation. And there are different models and series that meet the user’s demands differently.

Wheel Chair Lift Right Side

All the Braun Vista series personal use lifts are fully automatic in their operations. Caregivers or users use the standard hand controls or the controls located on the lifts to operate them. These wheelchair lifts are designed in such a way that the wheelchair users themselves can use them.  Three significant maneuvering ways have equipped these lifts and installed them at different locations. These include hand-held wired remote control, switches on the upper side of the pump module, and on-lift controls placed on the handrail.

Other notable features include:

Boarding from pavements is simplified by Bridging features.

Illuminated platform.

Durable hand-held control box.

Single Arm Lift for Handicap

We are here with a specially designed Single Arm Lift from Italy for all disabled people, making them live as normal human beings. These single-arm lifts fulfill all the requirements of disabled people. These lifts are of high-quality and superb design. The one who wants to be independent of others help must have this single-arm lift of their use, as it’s the best lift that makes you feel self-sufficient. If you want to carry a wheelchair into the vans with sliding doors or the backdoor, then single-arm lifts are best for such vehicles. The unique feature of the single-arm lift we provide is its compact size that can be fitted easily in small vans with very little space. Choose this amazingly designed lift and make your life relaxing and enjoyable. Platform Lifts is a good choice for vehicles

Wheelchair Lifts for Buses

Many disabled people don’t afford their vehicles, hence using local transport but face many difficulties because of their disabilities. But now their difficult time is over, as are here with the wheelchair lifts for vans and cars and the buses. These wheelchair lifts are designed to fit heavy vehicles such as school buses, passenger buses, medical health care buses, etc.  These wheelchair lifts for buses assist disabled people who can’t climb up the buses. 

Under Vehicle Lift (UVL Lift)

Those seeking compliance with disability regulations along with maximum seating capacity, the Braun UVL, or “Under Vehicle Lift,” are there for them. These have emerged as the premier wheelchair lifts series. The UVL will remain out of your way until your need fulfills, and it retracts into a weather-tight enclosure. It’s a fantastic alternative to in-vehicle lifts and facilitates you a lot as it has several features, including:

* CE-marked.

* EMC test approved.

* Smooth, quiet operation.

* Slip-resistant platform surface.

* Discreet and out of the way when not in use.

* Lift will not raise unless the automatic roll stop is up.

* Durable hand-held control box including door opener ­button.

* Optional handrails for extra security for wheelchair user and standee available for UVL601C

Hence, these are some of the best and unique wheelchair lifts that make disabled people feel relaxed and comfortable while driving. And also make them feel that they are also living everyday life. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best wheelchair lift for wheelchair users by clicking on this link :

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