Five Critical Factors that determine Electric Motor Prices in Kenya

A quick search on the Internet will show you a wide variety of electric motor prices. Still, a basic understanding of electric motors will help you choose the suitable motor for your application. This article will give you a simple overview of the most critical factors that determine the price of an electric motor.

The first commercial electric motor proved to be a milestone in the industry. Technology has improved engines, consuming less power and producing less. Even though it’s only standard for electric motor makers to use the most superior technology, further improvements in output methods have helped increase the appearance of these devices.


Your home’s voltage keeps the motor going. The torque generated by an engine increases with voltage. A good motor has a flowing voltage that equals the fixed output revolution. Ensure that the motor’s voltage requirements match the power supply’s capabilities. For example, a device above 240V requires three-phase currents to run, which may be costly.

Choice of motor bought

The type of device you choose for your applications significantly determines Electric motor prices in Kenya. Different types of motors are available on the Kenyan market for your choice. For example, an electric motor that runs on AC is inexpensive and easy to repair, thus affecting the product’s final price.


Usually, your device requires power for it to operate efficiently. Too much current can blow and destroy your motor. The motor is required to draw a certain current during regular operation. Always be sure that your energy amount can meet the present motor needs and suit whatever you plan to use your motor.


All motors produce noise that may be annoying to the user. Buying an engine that produces less noise may make your environment conducive for work. Motors that have additional features such as gears that require adjustments may be costly in the Kenyan market than those that don’t have.

Mechanical Stress

Most motors have moving parts that quickly deteriorate and may need frequent replacement. But some options that extend the lifespan of your machine must be considered when purchasing an engine. For example, Expert installation and verification are essential to avoid any harm caused by vibrational shock or extreme weight.


Electrical devices undergo wear and tear because internal parts depreciate after prolonged use, and maintaining them may prove costly. The challenge is not acquiring a maintenance-free item but a cost-effective device that fits your budget and operates for an extended period when buying this device.


Higher efficiency in electrical appliances has resulted in a new cost-of-ownership factor. You’re buying an electric motor, understand that they drive greater loads and require more electric energy. Don’t fall into the trap of acquiring a lower-cost but inefficient device and end up spending further in the end.

Ultimately, the choice to acquire an electric motor depended on factors that go much past the initial item price tag. Additionally, extra variables have a significant bearing on the safety and performance of the motor that you should examine. They not only impact the total cost of purchasing an electric engine, but they also account for the vast majority of that expense in many cases.


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