Flatbed Screen Printing

The revolutionary flatbed screen printing machine is suitable for printing small outlines, complete covers, and distress painting up to 300 millimetres in depth. Flatbed screen designing machines are used in printing companies, and this is automated, semi-automatic, and conventional. At ONCE-TECH advantages and disadvantages of flatbed surface printing are mentioned below. 



Flatbed surface printing is ideal for decorating weaving and knitted cloths. Furthermore, it is a cost-effective way of manufacturing designs in 4-24 colours on cloths such as Turkish washcloth, single sweater, cotton wool blazer, and summer fabric. The cost of this machine is between 3000 and 4000 TK in BDT. 


Auto Print Machine Flatbed is the most flexible printing technique since it is easy to design on different garments. It can perform on almost any smooth surface such as cloth, polymer, furniture, metal, etc.

Durable & Long-lasting

The thickness of the fabric and substance of the ink that is used in flatbed surface design. The object design is using the technique may take significantly more pressure than others without compromising print quality. It will not cause the screen to crack while the device is operating. 

Various Inks & More Colors

This machine allows for more paint density than some other methods, can handle different materials and patterns when printing the items. It can paint in more than 12 colours.

Less Waste

A colour wasting is reduced in a flatbed machine when colour is provided directly on the flatbed surface.  Although there is more colour waste in the rotating printing process due to colour is directly transferred from the disk towards the rotating panel with the help of the flatbed lithography machine. 

Various Design Measurement

The best innovation of flatbed screen printing is the combination of the semi-rotary manufacturing device. As a result, it can provide a wide range of layout dimensions for the surface of various size. 

Easy to Operate

Flatbed screen printers are paint cotton rapidly through the highs and lows of the panel; pinholes are less likely to appear than rotating display printers. Although pinholes sometimes appear on rotary screens to allow for faster shade lights as well as machine performance.  As a result, repainting is required to eliminate the pinhole and erase the display from the device. After that, the device continues for additive manufacturing.


More Difficult Material handling

After painting, the material is passed through a dry machine. The completing or painting process set together with the device is sent to the air unit. Transferring the printed material to different finishing sections needs many time-consuming and labour-intensive handling techniques for separate desktops and different colour inline devices.

Combination printing

This printing process is flexible and useful for various purposes, including stiff material painting, which is difficult with rotating machinery. Inline combo printing is something that rotational printing technology that can perform flatbed printing usually does.

Design  Stability and Off contact 

In the flatbed printing process, the screening is typically composed of nylon meshes extended over a frame. The operator allows a little space between the surface and the template to make the excellent print border clear and beautiful. In off-contact, its display would stay on the base, so shades are blurred.


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