Florida Sees a Surge of Fatal Work Injuries


No matter the kind of occupation you are into, the danger of work injuries will always linger. Work injuries are to be blamed for the increasing number of fatalities throughout Florida. Apart from deaths, there are countless long-term injuries that employees have to suffer, for example, limitations in movement, chronic pain, paralysis, trauma, and more. At least 5,333 work injuries were recorded in 2019. 

Workplace injuries are increasing year by year. Accidents may happen when someone is at work, but there are some of the common types of incidents, which are likely to lead to work injuries are as follows:

Tiredness and overexertion

Physical activities can become tiring when someone is doing them for a long time. Work injuries related to pushing, kneeling, pulling, bending, and lifting are pretty standard. The chances of injuries from such physical activities increase when the employees aren’t given or take regular breaks. Even if there is no requirement for physical exertion, working for long hours without taking proper breaks can make a person fall ill.

Falls, trips, and slips

Another common reason for fatal work accidents is slips, falls, and trips while at work. A workplace may lack proper equipment while reaching for items that are stored in places hard to reach. Loose wires and electrical cords at the workplace can lead to the electrocution of anyone. Slippery falls, damaged stairs, and more can easily make someone fall. These things can be prevented, provided the company takes them seriously.

Unorganized work environments

If a company deals with regular client visits, they should better keep their space tidy. One thing that should be done is regular housekeeping no matter what the company is and what sector it is into. Poor housekeeping can lead to potential hazards, which can lead to work injuries. In addition, not having a hygienic workplace will result in poor health conditions for the worker.

Bureau of Labor Statistics states that following are the occupations that are more prone to encounter work injuries:

  • Tractor-trailer and heavy truck drivers.
  • Nursing assistants.
  • The stock material and fright movers and laborers.
  • Construction laborers.
  • Repair and maintenance workers.
  • Cleaners and janitors.
  • Retail salespeople.

Even though the national workplace fatalities have decreased, unfortunately, Florida’s workplace deaths have increased. As per BLS, Flora’s workplace fatality rate has increased by 2.7 per 1000 full-time employees.

Understanding how Florida’s workers’ compensation program becomes prudent because the workplace death occurred in Florida fall under this program. This pays a death benefit if the employee of a company dies while he or she is at work.

If you are not sure how workers’ compensation works and what needs to be done if there are any work injuries, make sure to contact Boca Raton workers compensation lawyer. You must contact the right lawyer who is skilled in dealing with such cases. 

Handling such cases all alone can become stressful, primarily because you have to look after your injuries, worry about how to support your family, and take care of the piling medical bills. Get in touch with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer, and let the attorney help you with the much-deserving compensation.



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