Form a union today and understand all the opportunities.

What is a union for labor?

A union is a permanent association of workers. The primary purpose of a union is to protect them and discuss wages and other working conditions with employers. A union’s goal of maximizing benefits for its members can also be defined as a cartel or monopoly. When there is full employment and workers can easily find work, meaning they can protect themselves, there is less need to join a union. Experience shows that at the stage of greater economic growth and greater demand for employment, workers and unions take a favorable position in demanding more significant wage increases. On the other hand, unions moderate their wage demand in unemployment situations and shift their needs to other fields. Laborlab is ready to help you with every service because half of Americans want to be in a union in America.

How to form a union in America- Five steps

  • Step 1 -Contact the laborlab workers

your first step is to contact Laborlab/union organizer for assistance. They have full-time staff who can assist you, your colleagues, and you. They can give you confidential advice and assistance on how to do this.

  • Step 2: Form a team.

After talking to them, discuss it with trusted colleagues. What do they want to change in the workplace? What will improve your working conditions? Is some practice of the organization unfair? Does the company take the complaint seriously? Is our work environment respectful? Do all employees feel safe? And then discuss about How to start a union?

If you find that you and your team members have identified common problems that you want to solve, this may be the time to form a Union Organizing Committee. Ideally, each serving and transfer should be represented. This team will learn to take all legal steps and avoid problems and will inform your colleagues.

  • Step 3 – Secure majority support

Once you have identified common issues and formed a team, you can communicate the issue more openly. To get the support of the majority, you and your team will ask your colleagues to sign membership cards to show their support. Membership cards are essential because you can apply to the Labor Relations Board for an official union certificate when you have a sufficient number.

  • Step 4: Win the vote or get enough cards.

Your provincial labor relations board is the body that legally recognizes or “recognizes” unions. In America, commissions proceed in two ways:

– Card Verification: Obtaining a certain number of card signatures that indicate that the workers want a union.

– Vote: Have a secret ballot vote that most employee unions want.

  • Step 5: Discuss a deal.

Now that you have formed a union and received official certification from the board, you and your team can prepare for negotiations for your first joint labor agreement or, say, joint agreement. This is how all the ideas you have gathered for the betterment of your workplace can be put into practice.

Choose the type of union.

Once a group of workers has come together, it is time to decide the type of organization to be created. To do this, the characteristics and number of workers should be taken into account. According to this, the types of unions that can be formed are:

  • Professionals or trade: encompass and service professionals from the same work, career, or job.
  • Company: the workers that constitute it and the affiliates are all from the same company.
  • By branch of activity: in this case, only the extension of action to which the workers belong is taken into account, regardless of the trade they perform or the company they are in. For example, the branch of commerce, construction.
  • Mixed trades: groups workers from various works, companies, or branches of activity.

Write the statutes

A commission must write a proposal of statutes that will be the norms by which the organization will be governed. The following should appear in them:

  • Name of the future union.
  • The domicile and its scope of action, both territorial and functional.
  • The organs of representation, government, and administration and how they are elected must always conform to a democratic form.
  • The requirements to be an affiliate.
  • The economic regime that it will have.
  • The origin and destination of their income, and the means available to members to know the economic situation of the union.

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