Fostering logical thinking for kids- 5 ideas that you may use






Logical reasoning for kids, i.e. a fun online program that deals with reasoning for kids and developing mental ability, may be a great way to start inculcating these attributes in your bundle of joy. Yellow Class is a great place to start imbibing attributes like logical reasoning and critical perception alike. Critical thinking and reasoning skills are important when kids are at an early stage with impressionable and moldable minds. Abstract thought is not similar to critical thought with the former existing when the idea is not concrete or physically defined. Yet, the latter has more to do with the analytical procedure involved when evaluating or judging something. Hence, critical thinking is tied to reasoning and then ultimately taking a decision or solving a problem.

Whenever kids are reasoning logically or thinking critically, they are basically analyzing data or information via matching, sorting or classification or simply gathering various facts and identifying them for problem-solving purposes. They may also be testing ideas by trying something or using knowledge gained beforehand for solving problems. They may also be comparing multiple known solutions to any problem.  A good online program on logical reasoning and critical thinking along with games and puzzles will help your child boost his/her abilities in this arena from a really early age.

Here are five ideas worth exploring-

  • Teaching kids to ask questions- Always teach your children to ask more questions. Children are curious by nature and if you encourage this internal curiosity, they will learn to always ask questions before solving problems. As they grow older, they will learn about asking more specific questions to get them to solutions.
  • Help your children remain open-minded- Do not teach children to do things in only a particular way or manner. It is worth teaching them early on about what biases are and how they should deal with the same. When children understand how their needs, feelings and desires cloud judgment, they will learn how bias functions and how they can bypass it.
  • Nothing can be labeled as too early– Young children may grapple with developing logical reasoning abilities initially. However, there is no reason that they cannot learn how there are reasons behind their answers. Ask your children to explain their reasons for any conclusion or answer. This will help them start early and develop critical thinking abilities likewise.
  • Challenges for finding alternatives- Several problems or issues will have multiple solutions or answers. You should keep challenging children to find more alternatives towards finding answers or solutions. This will help them adapt to various scenarios while always remaining attuned towards new possibilities for problem-solving.
  • Take into account aspects beyond academic problems- Your child will learn how to critically analyze and solve a school assignment or academic problem for instance. However, make sure that this ability extends to daily life, situations and even relationships along with social aspects.

These are some ideas that will help you foster logical thinking abilities in your kids.

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