Four Best Alternatives to Tobacco Cigarettes

There was a time when tobacco cigarettes were sold with the intimation that it’s good for health. It wasn’t until the 1950s that the world learned the truth about its health hazards. Even after that, very few people were able to leave this bad habit. The main reason is the nicotine in those cigarettes, which is one of the most addictive things in the world. 

Tobacco cigarettes also contain many toxic things such as tar, hydrogen cyanide, and ammonia in addition to nicotine. The end result: smokers are very likely to suffer from cancer, lung diseases, heart issues, strokes, and diabetes. Since leaving it can be very difficult, many opt for other less-intrusive alternatives. Taking one easy step at a time increases the chances of success. 

CBD Cigarettes

Tobacco and other stuff used in its cigarettes are very toxic, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You just one to replace one thing in it and those hazards can be turned into benefits. Instead of using tobacco, you should try CBD cigarettes

You won’t have to worry about getting cancer and you will be able to take advantage of all benefits of CBD. It is also a fun recreational activity that helps deal with chronic pain, depression, and inflammation. 

Nicotine Gum

Most people smoke for nicotine. While the nicotine in cigarettes doesn’t come without other toxins, there are better options. You should start with chewing gums that contain nicotine. It will help you get rid of cravings that you get about smoking. 

As long as your body is getting its nicotine, it won’t be as difficult to control yourself. You can start reducing the amount of nicotine and eventually come down to simple chewing gums. This process will take its time, but it is proven to work. 


Vape, without a doubt, is more fun than any cigarette. You can get it in many different flavors and its smoke is way thicker. Vapes are also rich in flavor which makes them somewhat tasty. Its flavor liquid comes both with and without nicotine. 

You will get a better experience with it, which won’t make you crave cigarettes. You can start with nicotine vapes if you find it difficult to survive with simple nicotine. Its smoke is created through the process of combustion, which is why it’s not hot. This means your lungs don’t suffer like they do with cigarettes. 

Nicotine Inhaler

Although it sounds like it, nicotine inhaler is nothing like vapes. You get all the nicotine your body craves at once, unlike cigarettes and vapes. Some strict guidelines have to be followed when using nicotine inhalers. The most important thing is how much nicotine you are allowed to inhale. 

While it might not be as dangerous as cigarettes, you are still inhaling a stimulant and anxiolytic substance directly to your lungs. It might keep your cravings under control, but it would be better if you opt for something like a nicotine patch. It does the same with fewer side effects. 


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