Four Ways Dietary Supplements May Help Obese People

Obesity is no longer a negligible problem today. Only a few health conditions are so common as this one. Diet pills, weight loss formulas, supplements, and recipes are available in plenty, and the market, including both online and brick-and-mortar stores, is flooded with bright, colorful labels; presumably, a means to an end.

Dietary supplements are widely believed to help people burn fat, lose weight, and stay in shape despite their indulgent lifestyle or aversion to exercise. You’ll also find quite a large number of people sharing the thought that these pills offer benefits beyond mere weight loss.

Science has backed the fact that FDA-approved medications such as phendimetrazine (Bontril), benzphetamine (Didrex), diethylpropion (Tenuate), or similar drugs contain certain stimulants that may help increase the metabolic rate.

As much as these drugs are held with seriousness by people, the ones without the FDA approval are relevant too. Call them fads or gifts of a hard sell; products like Purple Diet Pill and the likes have shown great promises to a large crowd of weight loss enthusiasts.

Although manufacturers of these supplements advertise that their products burn fat rather quickly than slowly, the truth is most of those pills may help but only indirectly. You might feel curious or surprised, and understandably so. Here is why you can expect some benefits.

Appetite Suppression

Foods containing protein and fiber help us feel or stay full, but these foods add to our daily intake of calories, which is something quite contrary to what fat loss requires. Without caloric restriction, your dream of losing weight becomes a harsh reality.

Some diet pills contain certain ingredients that keep cravings for food away, thereby preventing calorie intake and suppressing appetite. Caffeine is one of the few powerful stimulants that may reduce appetite.

Diuretic Effect

Dietary pills are not exactly produced to act as diuretics, but they are considered effective when it comes to reducing the amount of fluid that flows through your body. This process results in the loss of water weight which is only a short-term measure because you can quickly gain whatever you lose through the diuretic effect by drinking water.

Decreased Lipogenesis

For any weight loss journey to become successful and perceivable, you need to stop the development or accumulation of new fat, which is called lipogenesis. The ingredient that appears to prevent lipogenesis is called betaine, something you won’t find in just any average dietary supplement.

Increased Energy Expenditure While Resting

Does it sound like an impossible proposition? Well, it may, but you know you cannot exercise all day long. Those trying to lose weight in every way imaginable don’t want their body to stop burning calories for hours. Isn’t it nice to be able to get adequate rest and burn calories?

Several studies support the fact that multivitamin supplements, especially the ones formulated to help you get rid of the excess fat, promote the increase of energy expenditure. Diet pills can also help you increase your energy levels, which is a good thing to have during workouts.

With thousands of dietary supplements or drugs to choose from, you can easily end up taking pills that come with more unwanted side effects than positive benefits. You cannot lose caution when your health is concerned.

So, you should study all the ingredients of such pills carefully and understand their effects before allowing yourself to be vulnerable to further complications. Consult your trusted expert or a doctor if necessary.


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