Franchising In The Hotel Industry

It’s a fact that franchising in the hospitality industry has been fast-growing.

If you are interested in franchising a hotel as a regional or international franchise, you need the correct information.

In the hotel industry, the parent hotel franchise company gives a franchisee, who is the local user the right to use their brand or the business model for a definite period of time. It’s always a plus to work with a well-known brand.

While franchising in the hotel industry is full of advantages, there are a few drawbacks you need to be aware of before you get into the business..

 Benefits Of Franchising in the Hotel Industry

The franchisor has to provide you with the support needed along with another benefit, such as the use of goodwill.

If you are passionate about purchasing a hotel franchise, you can consult a franchise attorney to guide you. This way, you get correct information on what is needed for a hotel franchise. There are many reasons to why you can consider hotel franchising. They include:

  • Established reputation:It’s next to impossible to have any high performing hotel franchise lose sight of the significance of the franchise engagement.

The franchisor will have invested a lot in their business, and this will boost performance. Meaning, there is a good chance of success with a vast engaged franchisee population.

As a franchisee, you will be getting into an already established reputation. Thus, as soon as you start, you will not have a hard time convincing customers. Once they see the brand, they recognize it and make purchases.

  • Training:There is no better way of learning than having someone already in the business coach you. A franchisor will offer you both the startup and ongoing training to ensure you get the proper knowledge and skills needed to run and replicate the hotel industry on new services, advertising, etc.
  • International franchising:A good franchisor will ensure that their business model allows for diversity and includes all backgrounds and cultures, and the same is promoted to franchisees. They will provide the best offers and incentives. For this reason, a franchisor should have a dedicated team that works toward ensuring long-lasting connections with franchisees. This is especially important to those who have some skills or experience in franchising.
  • Keep up with the technology: It’s not easy to be a part of the ever-changing technology for businesses. If one does not innovate by including GRE for hotels, they end up becoming obsolete.

Luckily franchisors advance and enhance customer service. A good example would be to use Shipt, Target Restock, or Google Express to ship or deliver. If customers want food delivered to their home, Google express or use a Google Home device can be used to have the food delivered.

 Are There Drawbacks?

As a franchisee, you will be engaging in a business with an already set plan, support, training etc. However, you need to be aware of the few downsides to help determine whether the business is perfect for you. Some of these include:

  • Franchise fees:Initial investment has proven to run into thousands of millions. If you are not financially prepared, the process may seem complicated for you. Looking for financing options would greatly help.
  • If you choose a poor brand, you will not avoid the risk of losing or not getting customers. There is a risk that if a franchise is not performing and you never performed due diligence, the chances are that a franchisor will not provide you with all the details needed.

However, there is a solution to the above downsides, so you have the right to choose whether to move on.

The pros far outweigh the cons. There are many advantages to be tapped by a franchisee. If you purchase a hotel franchise with a good reputation, you can be assured of good returns. You will have a significantly lower risk than trying to venture into your own startup.

 Is Franchising Hotel Industry For You?

Franchising in the hotel industry is promising. However, it requires the correct information to navigate franchise agreement on hotel management. You can:

  • Choose the type of hotel that matches your experienced or skills. There are many types of hotels, from the luxurious ones to those that offer common services. They are also in different sizes. A lawyer can help you decide what can work best.
  • Evaluate any franchise offerings:You can talk to your franchisor to learn about the franchising opportunities. You can also obtain disclosures to the type of hotel that interests you

You will be able to tell the difference between a high performing hotel franchise and a poor one by a transparency franchisor.  Such should allow you to have access to the existing franchisees. You will also have information concerning their performance.

Any underperforming franchise system will not have transparency. No franchisee would want to deal with a franchisor who doesn’t have strong practices to ensure they have an enduring business model.


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