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Pocket7Games is full of amazing games, but Fruit Frenzy has to be one of the best.

Like the other games in the app, Fruit Frenzy offers opportunities to make real money through tournaments and head-to-head competitions, so you can turn your mobile gaming skills into a legit side hustle.

Fruit Frenzy is a skill game, though, which means you need to develop a strategy and learn the best ways to earn points. There’s real money on the line, and plenty of other people across the world want it. You’ll be in a much better position to put that cash in your pocket if you learn how the game is best played.

Below are a handful of tips and tricks to help you strategize your way to the top of the competition in Fruit Frenzy.

Fruit Frenzy Tips & Strategies

First Things First: Learn How to Score

You need to know how to score before you start worrying about becoming the best. There are six main ways to score points in Fruit Frenzy on Pocket7Games: clear points, speed bonus, column bonus, row bonus, full clear bonus, and time bonus.

Every time you clear a pair of fruits, you get 300 points. Simple enough. If you do it fast enough, though, you can add up to 100 points on top for a speed bonus. Take care of a whole column, and another 300 points are coming your way. If you do the same for an entire row, you’ll see 400 points. Clear the entire board, and you’re looking at a massive bonus of 1,000 points. If you do it before time runs out on the round, the time bonus will really help you out: you’ll be awarded points equal to the amount of time remaining multiplied by 100.

As you can imagine, these bonuses can really add up. But you have to have this knowledge first before developing strategies to maximize your points.

Get Movin’

Of the six main ways to score points in Fruit Frenzy, two are based on time. That means speed is paramount to success in this game.

It’s not only because of the bonuses, though. The faster you play, the more fruit you can clear in a round. That obviously means more points.

You don’t want to rush, and at first, you may not be able to go at lightning speed like you want. Practice will make perfect. But going as fast as you can should be the goal, and as you continue to play and become more comfortable with going quickly, you’ll notice how much it will help your score totals.

Aim for Rows & Columns

You get 300 points for every column you clear and 400 points for every row you dismantle. It shouldn’t shock you to learn that setting yourself up to accomplish those two things as many times as possible is essential.

Try to set yourself up to clear columns and rows as often as you can. This can be as lucrative as the time-related bonuses if you can work it right. If given the option of completing a column or row, prioritize the row every time for the extra 100 points.

Work Your Power-Ups

There are three kinds of power-ups in Pocket7Games’ Fruit Frenzy: Fruit Bomb, Fruit Filter, and Triple Bomb. Fruit Bombs temporarily stop the timer and clear the board of a fruit pair. The Fruit Filter stops a fruit that’s been cleared from showing back up, helping you get the board cleared. Triple Bombs clear any three pairs of fruit instantly. You can only have up to three power-ups at one time.

How you use these power-ups will greatly affect your game. For example, you want to hold onto a triple bomb until only three pairs of fruit remain, securing yourself the Full Clear bonus, which is worth 1,000 points. You’ll want to use Fruit Filters immediately to rid your game of any fruit you’ve already dealt with – there’s no real advantage to holding onto them any longer than necessary. Fruit Bombs should be used to take care of a fruit pair that’s blocking other fruit, thereby giving you more control over the game. They also shouldn’t be hoarded longer than necessary. The other two power-ups are often more useful than Fruit Bombs and will likely need to be held on to longer, so don’t let Fruit Bombs take up valuable power-up places if it isn’t necessary.

Learn for Yourself

There’s no experience like personal experience. You will develop your own personalized strategies as you play Fruit Frenzy, but you won’t figure those out until you play the game. Download the Pocket7Games app in the Apple App Store and begin the process of transforming your mobile gaming into a real money maker!

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