Full Mouth Reconstruction vs. A Smile Makeover

One of human body’s defense is the mouth, as it is the one that broadcast our personality and measures our hygiene. We take care of it by brushing or sometimes gargling. But there are always instances that basic oral hygiene cannot solve, signs that brush and toothpaste cannot dissolve. 

These signs are sometimes ignored, but do you know that from those little signs, a bigger problem might arise? You can encounter problems that can affect your health, well-being, and your smile. Luckily, with the emerging technology, these can be solved so that we can avoid the worst problem.

What is a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction helps to treat the unwanted flaws inside your mouth in order to restore its beauty. It brings out the aesthetic of your smile at the same time restoring your dental health. This procedure eradicates the signs of dental issues that could turn into a much bigger problem.

These problems start with signs that through time excel into a much more complicated flaw that affects the entire mouth.

These are some of the most common cases that Full-mouth Reconstruction Treat

-Tooth Decay – starts with pain and through time causes holes in the tooth and causes tooth loss.

-Acid Erosion – these are the acids that cause the loss of the surface of the mouth.

-Dental damage – one that injures the bone that holds the teeth

-Root canal infection – bacterial infection that invades the inner chamber of the teeth.

-Periodontal disease – is a gum infection that destroys the foundation of your teeth or the bones that hold them.

-Tooth discoloration – is the damage that changes the color of the tooth, that through time develops dark spots within. This is because of the pigmented residue from the food and drinks you’re taking, or by the vices you’re in.

-Excessive gum tissue or an overgrowth of the gums – this kind of flaw arises due to lack of oral hygiene or an effect of medication.

Crooked teeth – this condition doesn’t just happen to the front teeth but anywhere in the mouth. This can happen for a number of reasons but mainly occurs due to an imbalance in the size of the jaw and teeth. However, this is most commonly treated through traditional or invisible braces and other teeth straightening techniques.

Full-mouth Reconstruction Procedures

  • Tooth color fillings 

This procedure uses composite fillings or white fillings that restore the appearance of the decayed tooth.

  • Onlay and Inlays 

Onlays are the ones that cover the verge of the tooth, while inlays are the ones that only fill the gap of the verges. This restorative treatment creates a seamless blend between the appearances of the natural and restorative teeth.

  • Dental Crown 

This procedure helps to protect the tooth by putting a temporary crown over it.

  • Root Canal therapy 

This removes the infection inside the tooth, which will protect the tooth from future infections.

  • Tooth extraction 

This procedure gives not only comfort but also helps to protect the nearby tooth.

  • Dental Implants 

A procedure that replaces the tooth with metal that functions like a real tooth.

  • Dental Bridges 

This restorative treatment helps to restore and fill the missing gap or the tooth inside the mouth.

  • Dentures 

This works as the replacement for your missing tooth and restores the balance in your mouth and your facial appearance.

What is a Smile Makeover?

Through a series of procedures, you can achieve a winsome smile. The smile makeover procedure allows you to enhance the flaws that you wanted to either get rid of or polished in order to bring out your perfect smile.

  • Teeth Whitening

This is the bleaching of the teeth to make them look whiter or lighter.

  • Porcelain veneers

These are the very thin shells that cover the front of the mouth to improve its appearance.

  • Cosmetic Bonding 

This a procedure where a tooth-colored plastic material bonds the tooth to make the smile perfect.

  • Laser Gum Contouring

This is a procedure that helps to reshape your gum line, this also includes cutting off excessive gum tissues to make the appearance of your smile picture-perfect

  • Snap-on smile 

This will allow you to eat without worries, for they designed it to use while eating.


This is a metal brace that puts your teeth into a much more fixed position.

Final Thoughts

Full mouth reconstruction and smile makeovers both help to enhance the structure of your mouth. It helps to make your mouth healthy. And, it eradicates the diseases that could come along the way. You can visit this Orthodontist London, to get more info about Orthodontist. 

Through a series of treatments and procedures, it could bring the healthy nature of your mouth. Thus, enhancing your smile. This offers not only a healthy mouth but also boosts the confidence of the patient.

These Dental Surgeries will guarantee your safety -away from the much larger problems. You are responsible for your health so it’s better to prevent it than to make it continue. These procedures will not just internally enhance your mouth but will boost your confidence. After all, your smile is your light bulb.

While this different dental care improves the aesthetic aspect of your mouth. These treatments and procedures offer a wide variety of treatments. This aims to address your different oral problems. For some people, dental surgery might be a basic procedure but it’s much more complex than that. This could be a life-changing treatment.


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