Function of the Cold Air Intake System

One of the easiest ways for any car enthusiast to get more power and less gas mileage from his or her ride is to install an air intake cooling system. Your receive mode is the starting point for all modifications. By allowing your engine to absorb air more efficiently, you get more power and performance. The cold air intake is designed to lower the temperature of the air entering the vehicle to increase engine power.

What is the function of cold air intake?

Cold air intake system lets your car have a better performance, fuel economy, and better sound. Also, getting cold air in will enhance the look of the car’s engine bay by adding color or the look of chrome. In addition, installing a cold air intake is not at all difficult for a DIY beginner.


All cold air intakes work on the principle of increasing the amount of oxygen available for fuel combustion. Cold air intakes usually do this by drawing in air from a location in the vehicle where cold air can enter the engine. This is usually somewhere inside the bumper or sometimes closer to the front of the car. The reason for cold air is simple. Colder air is denser than warm air, so it expands more when heated. This results in more combustion for your engine, resulting in more power and burning less fuel.


Almost all aftermarket air intakes usually have larger pipes and this also helps the air to get into your engine. Extrusion systems come in a variety of styles and can be made from plastic, metal, rubber, or composite materials. Due to the limited amount of time the air remains inside the intake pipe, the materials often do not affect the unit’s ability to deliver cold air. After the air intake is installed, normal driving noise becomes much louder and it can be expected that during normal driving a whistle will be heard due to the sound of air being forced into the engine. So, no matter what type of intake you choose, you should get the best airflow into the engine.


Various types of cold air intake systems are available on the market. Usually, these are three main sets of pneumatic cylinders, sets of short hydraulic cylinders, and long air intakes. Long pressurized air intakes create more horsepower and improve fuel economy by improving efficiency by eliminating the limited number of standard air boxes and moving them with curved tubes to ensure smooth flow. As a result, the amount of air entering the engine increases, as does its speed. The air that enters the engine is colder. However, these kits sometimes have an inlet low above the ground where there is cold air and also where rain and standing water can cause hydroplaning.

Air intake types

The air intakes of the short piston are similar to those of the long piston. The only difference is the short tube. They usually remain in the engine bay and can lead to the grille. Although many people say they are not as efficient as the Long Ram intakes because they still bring warmer air out of the engine bay itself. This can be partially offset by an increase in the volume of air entering the engine. To counteract heat absorption issues, many short plunger seats include some form of heat shield.

So how hard is it to install?

This is a relatively easy task that you can do yourself. The vast majority of components are plug and play, so don’t worry about having to modify the engine bay and then swap connectors.


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