Germany: Europe’s New Business Hub

Brexit has changed the economic landscape of Europe. With the UK now firmly outside of the trading bloc, businesses that operate within the European Union will have to separate their business model across the UK and the EU to trade within both economies. 

London has long been a European business hub for internationally trading companies. Its strategic position, time zone and language use made it ideal for large firms and financial institutions. 

As the UK is no longer part of the EU, there is now potential for a thriving new business hub within the EU, and Germany looks set to offer world corporations everything they’re looking for. 

For investors looking to capitalise on the post-Brexit EU business boom, it makes sense to invest in Germany. 

We take a look at why Germany is perfectly poised for business innovation and why investors should take note now. 

The German economy

Located in the heart of the EU, Germany features as one of the world’s leading economies. Firmly cemented in its ongoing commitment to the G7 group of economically powerful nations. 

Global corporate consultancy group RSM set about finding out why the German economy is so strong.  

RSM found that Germany’s total exports revenue in 2018 topped €1.3billion, with imports hovering around €1billion. This means there’s far more money flooding into Germany than goes out. Making it desirable for clever investors. 

The German business hub

German nationals enjoy a relatively high quality of life. With German cities such as Munich regularly topping the lists of best places in the world to live. 

Happier people make for more engaged workers and German people have a world-renowned work ethic. This is helping businesses improve productivity and for Germany to flourish as a business hub. 

Investing in Germany

There are multiple reasons to invest in German businesses or business that trade within Germany and the EU. 

As a world-leading economy, Germany has one of the most robust secure-investment frameworks. Ensuring a deeper level of security when you invest.

Germany also offers competitive tax conditions for investors and entices global investors through alluring incentives at all stages of investment. 

It is also a world-leader in research and development, innovation and has one of the worlds best infrastructure networks. 

Getting started in Germany

Branching out into new investment markets can be tricky. With the right corporate investment support, you could start investing in German businesses with ease. 

Whether you join a German venture capital fund or go it solo, Germany could prove lucrative as a new business hub for investors.