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Every yard is not created equally. Yards possess one of the three conditions of soil (clay, loam, or sand) and some area of grass or plant life to maintain, restore, or ideal area for planting. There is also the view of wood or iron fence, the neighbor’s house or if the homeowners are lucky, an unobstructed view of the transitioning colors of the horizon from dawn to dusk.  

But, those things can’t be fully experienced if the area isn’t finished: built-up with expertise in design from hardscaping materials, for the comfort and outdoor enjoyment of the homeowner(s). 

The best place to start is with examples of comfortable designs that optimized the space that is available around the actual home, so get a quote for landscaping ideas and services from an established landscaping company.

The actual location of the home, its style, and the personality/interests of the homeowners are the greatest influences on the ideal materials that will help the home’s exterior to look its best. They also have an impact on how the designer will sketch the space for the potential of a pool, hot tub, gazebo, fire pit, water fountain, koi pond, or garden of any variety. 

There are some homes that are right on a body of water or maybe the family has a pool or water feature in mind that they would like to highlight with a deck, pathway, or seating area. There are some homes that possess large yards with wide-open spaces and so much potential too. 

There are homes with varying landscapes that have hills, boulders, streams, and unique shapes that can present challenges to the potential of the design. But professional hardscaping contractors can correct drainage concerns, pave over rough soil, and build up great entertaining spaces out of any cement, stone, or slab and in any size yard that a homeowner can request.

Landscaping is important but hardscaping materials are what help to transition from indoors to outdoors and reverse. It can extend sunrooms, kitchens and improving outdoor living and functionality from the driveway to the covered outdoor kitchen in the back.

Fremont Commercial Landscaping

Before the summer arrives, you might consider updating your yard with shade structures. With the help of Fremont Commercial Landscaping expertise, not only can they be stylish and add value and comfort to your home, but they can help protect you and your family from the sun’s harmful effects.


If you want a stunning centerpiece for your front or backyard, a gazebo can instantly add style and makes the area more practical for use. Gazebos can help provide shade in your yard, which is especially handy if you have clients, guests, and like to entertain outdoors in the summer.

They tend to be more expensive than other forms of shade structures because they must have a foundation if they are freestanding. However, gazebos may also be attached to some preexisting structures if suitable. 

They are very durable and can come in a wide variety of finishes and looks to match your home’s architecture. If built well, they will withstand most natural hazards and spells of poor weather.


Want the simplest form of shade structures? You can’t go wrong with the basic outdoor or patio umbrella. These come as standalone or attached to the center of a table as you’d see in many outdoor eating areas. These are a great option for those seeking just a little bit of coverage and comfort.


These kinds of shade structures have various options that range from basic to top of the line. An awning generally attaches to the side of a house and covers a home window as well as a small or even large portion of the yard. Some awnings can be retracted manually, while others can be installed to be permanently opened. 

Shade Sails

If you’re looking for cost-effectiveness with more varied structures, shade sails make very effective and convenient options. They need to be attached to poles or columns, but these can be installed very easily and provide versatility as they can be placed in a variety of positions and areas. 


For a more tropical feel or if you intend on entertaining adult guests outdoors, cabanas are a great choice. They usually incorporate bars, hammocks, or other island-style amenities to transform your backyard into a mini paradise. They are popular to use near pools or spas as a changing room for a little added privacy.

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