Get Great Product Packaging: Prepress for Peace of Mind

Just because your artwork looks great on your computer screen does not guarantee it will look perfect on print. This is where Prepress comes into play.

Collaboration between creatives and print specialists is the most significant approach to achieving the perfect packaging and custom labeling for your products. Some people consider this as part of Prepress since Prepress literally is “before press” or before printing.

From concept development through printing, both parties must be connected in every phase of the process. A large chunk of Prepress is the actual technical quality control done by specialists. A big error most people just starting in their packaging process make is thinking that the local print shop designers are qualified to handle both Prepress and printing. This is the biggest mistake you could ever make.

Having someone without the appropriate design and print setup skills make changes to your file runs the risk of introducing undesired alterations. This most likely will detract from the overall impression of your desired format and final brand packaging aesthetic.

Why You Should Let the Pros Finalize Your Product Packaging Artwork Files

So, you have worked with a freelance designer or your creative team to develop a print layout, and all you need to do now is get to the final print job.

However, your file needs to go through the “Prepress” procedure to get a correct, high-quality print file. Think of Prepress as the preoperative process that comes before a patient is wheeled into theatre for surgery. Prepress before printing is that important. What is even more critical is leaving the job to the right people.

Prepress is not as simple as it appears to be. The truth is that if you or your designer is not experienced in Prepress, there are many things that could go wrong.

Things That Can Go Wrong That Will Cost You More Time, Effort, and Money

Prepress is a quality control (QC) step. If you don’t do QC for food, for example, you run the risk of a terrible domino effect. You will probably deliver inconsistent taste or even spoiled products. This will largely affect your brand image, which will hurt current and future sales. Such bad experiences will generate word-of-mouth, establishing an all-around negative association with your brand and business.

Here are the things that could go wrong if you produce files that are not press-ready:

  1. Important text or information that is cut off or illegible
  2. Low quality, blurry artwork, hard-to-decipher images
  3. Inconsistent design ideas, showing a mishmash of confusing styles
  4. Incorrect container-to-packaging ratios, making your packaging look like it wasn’t even meant for your product
  5. Color inconsistencies, sabotaging your brand-building and marketing efforts

By forgoing Prepress, you run a high risk of printing designs that don’t match your requirements. Before having your label or packaging design printed, make sure that it is examined and fine tuned to achieve the best results.

What Does Prepress Do?

As mentioned earlier, the term “Prepress” is used in the printing world to describe the operations that take place before printing. Specifically, Prepress comprises all the steps after a digital file has been designed and before the actual printing process.

Designated professionals who do this step are called Prepress experts, or Prepress designers. These designers are different from digital or web designers who use only the digital color space and creative theories in their work. Prepress designers work with specific tools, knowledge, and know-how to render digital artwork into files that printing machines can read.

Any competent service provider understands that, despite the fact that specialists handle each task, they are human and may make mistakes from time to time. As a result, every Prepress expert understands the need to have extensive quality control systems in place to identify and fix any problems that may arise.

Why You Should Do a Prepress Check

You have worked hard and spent money and valuable time to develop the perfect layout and design for your product label or print packaging. This is the core of your branding, the visual indelible stamp of your business in the market.

Prepress done right by experts let you avoid getting stuck with a pile of awful packaging materials with the wrong text, color, or specifications.

Prepress is your last stand to spot any mistakes and make the adjustments or edits to the design that you put so much work into before getting it printed.

Get it right the first time and save your money by getting a free Prepress check by print experts to get professional, high-quality custom packaging you and your customers will love.

Buy the Packaging Material:

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