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Rock Pros Landscape Supply is the leading supplier of sand, flagstone and soil in Lincoln California. They offer comprehensive landscape supply services to assist anyone with a project no matter how big or small it may be. Rock Pro’s has high-quality materials for any landscaping use you might need! If your next garden needs some stone walls this company will have everything from drainage systems to bark mulch, topsoil and more on hand ready for pick up at their store location near downtown Lincoln off Main Street (or they’ll deliver right to your door). With over 30 years experience working on projects large and small there isn’t anything that can surprise us we just love getting out into nature even if its not always planted around our own homes.


Mason sand is a popular choice for plumbers and stucco enthusiasts. It can be used to lay pipe bedding or paver base that do not need distinctive finishes. This white color also makes an excellent water access point on your property, making it great for ball courts! Mason sand is usually not utilized in decorative projects because of its utility purposes but we have some tips below if you’re looking to add style:

Our sand isn’t typically used with decorator supplies due to its utilitarian properties, however, there are many ways our mason sand could work well in this capacity as long as the right techniques were applied when laying out foundation materials such as pavers/bricks!


Flagstone is a type of stone that comes in many colors and sizes. Ebony black flagstones are popular because they look great on your property, come at an affordable price depending on how much you buy, and there are always ways to save by bundling orders.


If you want to create the best growing conditions, Rock Pro’s Grower’s Blend will do just that. It has a high amount of organic material which is crucial for plants’ growth and development in optimal conditions. Additionally, their sand and gravel are great for building sandbox play areas while their screen topsoil can be used when wanting soil with ideal moisture levels but good drainage area so your plants grow the best they possibly can! If looking to add some life into any landscaping project or need an assortment of soils suitable for any situation, try out what Rock Pros Landscape Supply have available today – including its 50/50 blend perfect if balanced between quality drainage without sacrificing too much water retention ability needed by different types of plant species.”

When you’re looking for all things landscaping, visit Rock Pro Landscape Supply in Lincoln. With expert guidance and friendly service, they’ll help you achieve the landscape of your dreams at affordable prices that won’t break the bank!


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