Get No Copyright Music For Youtube With These 20 Websites 

When creating high-quality YouTube videos, you want to ensure that you get the best music to accompany the pictures or graphics.  Recording your music may take time, and could also be costly. Fortunately, there are websites where you can search for royalty-free music and embed them on your YouTube videos without worrying about copyright infringement.

Here are 20 websites where you can pick royalty-free music for your YouTube videos and don’t worry about your music being shut down.

1. YouTube Audio Library

YouTube’s official music library should be your first source of royalty-free music. From here, there are all sorts of songs and sounds.

2. No Copyright Music

This is where you get some amazing songs, and has links where you can download them.

3. Free Music Archive

This is considered to be a legal music download gallery and allows you to filter music and download them instantly without signing up for an account.

4. No Copyright Sounds

This website has a lot of music from different creators. You can download the music that you like and use them without questions.

5. Bensound

You can get music for use in your YouTube videos from this site, but you should acknowledge the source on credit.

6. Looperman

This website has free music, loops, and various samples that you can use for our YouTube videos. The content is uploaded by individuals.

7. Pond5

This is where the world’s stock videos reside but also has lots of free music that you can use for our YouTube videos.

8. Sound Gator

For anyone who requires free sound effects or noises, a sound gator is what you need.

9. HookSounds

This is where you get distinct sounds and music from the world’s finest artists.

10. EnovoMusic

This website has lots of royalty-free music and tracks that can be used for videos on YouTube and other video platforms.

11. Artlist

This site offers unlimited music downloads and allows the users to use the music the way they want to an annual price of $199.

12. Foximusic

 Here, you can purchase tracks and use them in the way that you want.

13. TakeTones

This website is designed for those who are interested in all kinds of music without paying additional fees.

14. Mixkit

This website has huge amounts of music that are free to download, and you can use them on your next video.

15. TuneReel

This site has lots of curated royalty-free music.

16. Epidemic Sound

This is a fantastic place for those who want royalty-free music.

17. Incomptech

This is one of the amazing websites for royalty-free music and it’s easy to search and filter your music.

18. TeknoAxe

This site has hundreds of tracks that cover all genres. Music is also available in MP3 format.

19. CCMixter

You can get free to use music for your next video project from this website. You can search for the music that you need pretty quickly.

20. Audio Jungle

 There are more than a million tracks here that have been curated by highly selected musicians and sound engineers.


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