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The Kameymall bubble soccer outdoor inflatable is a unique zorb ball to have fun with. You can play some games on any ground, but this zorb ball is different. It must be played on flat ground and cannot be played in special places, such as hills and slopes. The players’ running speed should not be too fast to avoid collisions between bubbles. But it is also impossible for them to run too slowly because it may cause the game too boring.

What are water and land bubble soccer Kameymall zorb Ball?

A simple bubble soccer zorb ball game requires at least four players, so the size of the playing field is not very large and can be played in a small gymnasium. The number of people playing determines the playing field size. For example, if there are eight players, it is better to choose a place with an area of 100 square meters or more; if 12 players play together, they should choose an area of 150 square meters or more.

You can play anywhere with enough space, such as grasslands, sandy beaches, artificial turf football fields, and indoor venues. Whether it’s water or land is fine. Remember to avoid areas near trees and hard objects that may damage the bubble ball during the game. The best choice for outdoor games is placed under strong sunlight. The diameter of the bubble ball zorb ball is 6ft or 1.8m.

When the air pump connected to it inflates, the bubble soccer ball will be 5.6ft or 1.7m tall. You can adjust its diameter according to the player’s height and weight. The smaller the diameter, the more likely players will bump into each other. However, if you make the Bubble Ball too big, players may have a harder time getting up after falling over or crashing into walls or obstacles.

Kameymall Soccer zorb ball material

This zorb ball has a Material of 0.8MM TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethanes). TPU is a class of polyurethane plastics with many properties, including elasticity, transparency, and resistance to oil, grease, and abrasion.

It’s safe to use as an environmentally friendly material. Most importantly, it’s very strong and durable. You can be confident that your inflatable will last as long as you need it. Kameymall soccer has an excellent fan-sealed air tube system, durable and practical to use. You and your children will be safe during playing.

Features of Kameymall Zorb Ball

  • Made of superior quality TPU material with UV protection, durable and practical. An excellent fan-sealed air tube system keeps your bubble soccer inflated for a longer time. Built-in safety harness for safe play keeps you safe during gameplay. Designed to provide maximum mobility without sacrificing protection, Perfect for parties, school events, backyard bashes, and more.
  • Special design with straps inside, more convenient and safe to use in the bubble soccer game
  • This Zorb ball material has strong elasticity and durability, easy to carry. It’s the latest craze all around the world. The bubble soccer is transparent to see the whole body inside the bubble. When you play in it, you will have great fun. The bubble can protect people from getting hurt or injured when bumping into each other due to its softness and bounce!
  • Sponge padded shoulder straps are designed for reducing external impact and making it easy to carry
  • The bubble Zorb ball is made of TPU, so it’s more environmentally friendly and more comfortable than PVC. The bubble has a double zipper, so there’s no need to worry about breaking the zipper. Also, inside the bubble, there is a handle to carry when moving or playing easily. Last but not least, there are sponge pads on both sides of the shoulder straps that can reduce external impact and make it easier to carry

Equipped with waterproof zipper which you can use for a long time

When you place an order on this inflatable bubble soccer, Kameymall will also add a pair of zip ties to every piece of our bubble ball. The material is thick and durable and will not break easily. It is easy to carry and convenient to use. With the high-quality materials, it has a long service life.

Final Words

The Kameymall zorb ball bubble suit is made of PVC materials and driven by fans. This suit covers your entire body from head to toe except for your feet (which might make you feel like wearing a down jacket) so that when you bump into other people while running after scores inside, you will feel quite soft without being hurt at all. Reading this post, you can take more guides on the Kameymall zorb ball.

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