Gifts He Will Love This Holiday Season

Finding Christmas gifts for your boyfriend or husband can be tough. At his core, every man wants to feel special.   Men are used to getting things done and pursuing success, so the holiday season can be stressful for a lot of them. While buying gifts that fall within a certain price range is important (yes, some men still appreciate gift cards), gifting your boyfriend something he’ll get excited about will make him feel like he really hit the jackpot in life.

So take this list of gift ideas provided by a marketing professional as inspiration for what you may want to splurge on or spend more time looking at — but don’t just stop there! Here are some ideas

Athleisure Wear

Athleisure for men is a great option. Men love to feel like they have a lot of options in their wardrobe, so athletic wear is great for that reason. But activewear can also be practical and stylish — this will make him look good whether he’s exercising or with you.  Whether you’re looking for track jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies or joggers, athletic wear is a great gift for any man.

Audio Gear

If your boyfriend loves to listen to music at home or when he’s on the go, an affordable set of headphones that sound great would be perfect. The easiest way to find out what type of audio gear he might like is to ask him — but as long as it sounds good and doesn’t cost a fortune then most men will love it! If he’s not into earphones then maybe consider getting him something like a portable bluetooth speaker that he can play his favorite tunes from his phone through instead (it’ll make your life easier if you have the same music taste). You can even buy him the Bee Gees greatest hits.

A Sports Crate

Scoring a subscription box for sports fans is a great idea if he’s into the latest gear, game tickets or ticket stubs from his favorite team and more. There are tons of options out there — ranging from $15 to over $200 — so you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something that will be a hit with your boyfriend.

If he’s not into getting all the gear then maybe see what other types of boxes are available. Some options that would still be well received by any man include: adventure boxes, beer lovers crates, cigar master gift boxes and collectors boxes (these may even appeal to men who aren’t necessarily sports fans.

Bling Accessories

Does he love jewelry? Does he have a special type of ring or necklace that has sentimental value? As long as your gift has some kind of meaning to the both of you, it’ll be well received. This is an excellent gift for any man who’s into fashion and trends. If you don’t know what type of jewelry he really likes then just ask him — there’s no shame in admitting that you’re at a loss. Try the ones at 6 Ice.


You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on skincare products for your boyfriend. But if you get something that’s good, it’ll make him feel like he’s taking care of his appearance in a more professional manner. There are tons of options available at high-end department stores and drugstores alike — from cleansers and moisturizers to full face kits that come with everything you need. Consider the products at Caldera + Lab.


This is probably one of the most common gifts any guy will love (that doesn’t always find its way onto gift guides, but it should). The best time to give this type of gift is when you’re out shopping together or during the holidays — even though there aren’t specific holiday scents, it can be hard to figure out which one to get for the guy in your life.

This may sound like an obvious gift idea, but you’d be surprised at how many men don’t spend any time shopping for new scents themselves.

A Watch

Guys love watches — especially if they have a special meaning attached to them. If he has an old watch that’s not working anymore then it may be due for a replacement (if so, make sure you know approximately what kind of style he likes before buying something.) For most guys, having a nice looking watch is more about functionality than anything else — unless it’s something he can pair with his jewelry or wear when going out on the town.

Some popular brands include: Timex and Michael Kors — but there are plenty of others out there. You can also have fun with the watch face by getting one that doesn’t really tell the time, but instead features things like a compass or altimeter (only for serious outdoorsmen though).


Does your boyfriend wear glasses? If so, they’re probably starting to look a little outdated by now. It may be time for something new — and if he hasn’t said anything about them, it’s possible that he doesn’t want to spend the money required for the transition. Consider getting him insurance with his current eye doctor then picking out some frames and lenses together as a present (it’ll allow you to get him something more like what you’d expect from a high-end designer). Try the ones at Foster Gant.

A GoPro Camera

The newest version of GoPro has all sorts of cool accessories — including one that allows you to attach a phone directly onto the camera instead of having to use the LCD screen attached on top. This is perfect if he likes recording every single thing he does. Speaking of which, you can pretty much always count on something technical being on most gift guides for men — including a GoPro.

This is one of those instances where it’s best to spend some time looking into the different features and bundles available through the manufacturer before buying one online (oftentimes there are deals that will make your purchase better).

Gifts For Men Who Are Outdoorsmen/Hunters

If he likes going out in nature then there are plenty of great gifts out there just waiting to be given. Depending on how often he ventures out, you’ll want to choose wisely so make sure you know what kinds of things he usually carries in his backpack or camping bag.

You can never go wrong with the classic Zippo lighter — and if you give this to him on Christmas morning then it’s a gift that won’t go unused. A nice multi-tool is also a great option if he doesn’t already have one.

A Laptop Bag or Briefcase

A laptop backpack is another great option. Some guys just prefer carrying around something professional looking — even when they’re going on trips or spending time out in nature. If your boyfriend falls into this category then check out some of the briefcases available through Incase, Jansport, Tumi, Victorinox Swiss Army and more. These bags are pricey but they’ll last forever (so imagine what a nice gift it will be 10 years down the road). In fact, don’t forget about laptop sleeves as well.

To conclude,  no matter how high-tech they are, men can never own too many useful accessories. As long as he’s not an immature jerk, I’m sure you’ll be able to think of the perfect gift for him with a little bit of effort. Be sure to check out my post on jewelry gifts for men again this year — and give him something that will last for years to come (even if it’s just a nice pair of cufflinks).


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